Chapter 4: The Witch and The Wizard - Page 3

“There are two kinds of wizards and witches: early-borns and late-borns. Early-borns refer to kids who discover their magical amplitude around ages five and six. Late-borns, like you, discover their powers later in their life. Traditionally if the parents don’t see their kid having magical powers around the age of five or six then they must assume that the kids is a late-born and keep an special eye on them. It is also tradition that the parents don’t tell the kid until the powers show up.”

“Um…I see…” I said, but still slightly confused. “…but why? I mean…if the kid is going to show powers later in life, then why do the parents wait until they show something?”

“Well…” James started as he took a sip of his coffee. “…there is a possibility that the kid may never develop powers at all. It’s a small chance but it is possible that a pair of magical parents could produce a kid who doesn’t have powers at all.”

Remember Abby! You’re playing the part of a ‘late-born’ witch!

“I…I see. So all this time my mom and dad were hiding that information because there was a chance that I may never develop magical powers?”

“I guess so. But you seem to have developed your powers just in time for high school. Better late than never right?” James said to me as I nodded, sipping my cup of coffee.

“Well…out of curiosity…is it possible for non-magical parents to have a kids with magical powers?”

“Mmm…no. Even if one parent is magical, both must come from a pure magical bloodline to have a kid with magical powers. Think of non-magical genes as a dominant gene that overwrites all. Why do you ask?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. I shifted my eyes away from him towards campus in slight embarrassment.

“Er…no reason…”

Oh God…what does this mean? Does that mean mom and dad are magical? …wait…I’m not magical at all! It’s the wand! The wand is giving me magical powers! But…is it possible that a magical thing like a wand can give non-magical people powers? I would ask…but I think it’ll raise suspicion. But the idea of late-borns…it’s a long shot? I mean, who’s to say if I’m magical…or even if Katie is magical…?

“Abby? You there?” He asked as he waved his hand in front of my face. I instantly snapped out of it and looked at him.

“Sorry…deep thought.” I said to him.

“But…this is great! I mean…we’re both mages!”


“Generic term for us.”

“I see…”

“We can help each other out! Or at least…you can help me. Geez…I still can’t believe a late-born as more control of their powers than an early-born…”

“Power of what?”

Both of our eyes widen as we both realize someone as now intruded in our conversation. We both turned our heads to meet the smile of a certain blonde hair girl.

“K-Katie…!” I stuttered.

“What are you two love birds talking about?”

The End

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