Chapter 4: The Witch and The Wizard - Page 2

There it is…confirmation that magic exist. Siting right in front of me is a boy who just confirmed that he is a ‘wizard’. But then again, he is under the pretense that I am a ‘witch’ and I haven’t EXACTLY seen him do anything magical. Now that I think about it…even back then he didn’t cast a spell. All he did was point a wand at me.

“Can you really cast magic?” I asked him as my question seems to have caught him off guard. His reaction made me very suspicious as he coughed coffee out of his lungs.

“O-Of course I can! I mean…” He quickly said, still coughing. “Just…sometimes. And only when I really need it.”

“So you can’t do it on command?” I asked.

“I can too!” James said, looking a bit insulted by my question. I saw in the corner of my eye that he was gripping his wand under his robes. Of course I didn’t think he was going to attack me in broad daylight. “I can do the basic light spell just fine.”

A light spell?

“Prove it.” I said to him, trying to egg him on. This was my chance to see someone else cast magic instead of me. More importantly, this will show me if James really is a wizard. “If you show me, then I’ll do it too. It’s only fair.” I said to him. He gulped hard, looking around to see if anyone was watching.

“Just this one time…” He said as I saw the tip of his wand poke out from his sleeve.  “Candlelight” He whispered aloud, looking down at his wand. At first, nothing appeared, but soon a small ball of light formed on the tip of his wand. It wasn’t bright, but then again he must have been able to control the intensity of the spell.

That’s it…magic. Magic done by someone else. He’s the real deal. Wizards…wizards do exist. That means that witches exist as well. But what does that make me? I wasn’t born as someone that can use magic…and I’m sure mom and dad can’t cast magic either. It’s like I’m a deputized witch or something.

“Your turn.” He said to me as I saw his little ball of light shrink away until it completely disappeared.


“Your turn. You said that you’d do it if I did it. So show me that you can do it as well.” He said as now I started to feel myself in the hot seat. For some reason, in my blind pursuit to discover if magic was real, I completely forgot about that small detail.

Oh dang it…ok…calm down Abigail. You got this. You were able to cast spells before but never had to do it in front of someone else. Just concentrate and say the same word that he said.

I gripped my wand from under my sleeve and poked the tip out. Looking around as well, I quietly whispered to my wand…


Just like James, nothing happened at first but soon I saw a small bead of light form on the tip of my wand. I felt my eyes widen as I saw the little ball of light grow at the same size as James’ light. This marks the first time I was able to consciously cast a spell. All the other times were wish-based spells…things that I wish the wand could do at that moment. I looked up at James whose expression said it all.

“I don’t believe it…you are a witch…” He said as he kept looking at the ball of light. I looked back at my little light source and smiled.

“Yeah…I am…” I said, finally coming to terms of what I really am.

I’m…a witch. Prior to what I was before, with this wand in my hand, I can cast magic spells. I’m no longer a ‘normal’ girl. I’m now part of whatever this ‘magical’ secret is that makes up Salem. I didn’t want to believe it but as long as I have this wand…I’m a witch.

“What are you doing?” James asked as he broke my train of thought and noticed that my ball of light was no longer on the tip of my wand…

…it was now orbiting around the wand. 

“W-What the…! I don’t know…!” I said in a panic as I saw my ball of light start traveling down the wand and up my left sleeve. I instinctively tried to catch it with my right hand but it move away as if it had a mind of it’s own.

“How are you doing that?”

“I don’t know! Stop that!” I said as I continued to grab and pat at the small light to extinguish it but it kept moving and zooming around my body to a point where I started getting cross-eyed.  “Stop it you little…!” I said, making one final lunge to catch it. In one quick motion, I swooped down and ‘caught’ my ball of light but instead of feeling something physical or something warm, the ball of light dissipated in my hand and the residue of the spell floated upward to the sky where it quickly faded away.

“Whoa…I’ve never seen the ‘candlelight’ spell do that before…” James said as I shrugged a bit.

“…I…never see it do that either. I’m still new to this.” I said to him.

“Oh…so you must be a late-born. Dang…how is a late-born performing better magic than me…” James said, clicking his tongue a bit.

“L-Late-born? What’s that?”

“You don’t know? You must have been those sheltered late-borns then. Never thought I would meet one here. I’m surprised that your parents let you come to a boarding school with a wand and little magic knowledge.”

“I guess you can say that…care to explain?” I asked as I saw him get comfy in his seat.

“I suppose I can. After all, it’s actually kinda cool that I found a witch at this school...”

“I found you!”

“Um…same difference…so where to start?”

The End

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