Chapter 3: Magic Affinity - Page 5

We both stared at the wand that dropped out of his sleeve. His wand revealed made me check if my own wand was still safely hidden in my sleeve but I didn’t try to grab for it in fear that someone around us might see. This wand reveal was huge but it spawned too many questions.

This wand…I’ve seen this wand before! It’s the same one that was pointed at me that night! That means that…!

But before I could finish my thought, the brown haired boy reached down and picked up his wand quickly.  Withdrawing it back into his sleeve, he did something that I didn’t expect him to do.

He ran.

What the…?

“GET BACK HERE!” I yelled angrily as I saw him sprint in the opposite direction of me. Leaving all of his dropped books in the ground, I started my chase after him.

He has a wand! More importantly, he has the wand that I saw a few nights ago! That must mean that this ‘James’ fellow and the guy back then are the same person! But what does that mean exactly? The boy back then mentioned something about ‘streaks’ and colors. Was he practicing magic? Is there someone else in this school besides me that can cast some form of magic? I must know! I can’t let him get out of my sight!

“WAIT!” I yelled as I saw him weave through the students that were trying to get to their afterschool clubs. His suddenly weaving through students made it hard for me to weave through since they were now waving their arms around and moving in unpredictable patterns. “Excuse me! Pardon me! Watch the arms!” I called as I ducked and slid through gaps of students. I could already feel my chest tightening up. It was a painful reminder that I was no athletic in any way, shape, or form. As I saw him turn another corner, I knew that if I didn’t keep a visual on him, I would definitely lose him.

Come on Abigail. Move! If you lose him now…! I thought to myself as I rounded the same corner. I was ready to latch my vision on the boy with brown hair and a purple backpack but to my horror…


The corner he rounded lead right outside the building.

I jogged outside to see all the students moving around the open campus. Thick groups of students moved around, making it very hard to pinpoint one student out of the masses. I felt my knees give out as I fell down on them, panting hard. I realize what this means.

He got away…I lost him. No…NO! I shut my eyes as I gritted my teeth. NO NO NO! I had him! I was ‘this’ close to figuring out what exactly is going on in this school…what exactly is going on with ME! What am I? What is this wand? Is there other people in this school like me? I was soooo close!

The next day didn’t help with the depressed mood I was in…

“We’ll be reassigning seats today.” I heard Professor Ano said to everyone as it instantly got loud with chatter. I was still sitting in my seat, staring out at the window, seeing if I can somehow spot the boy in the few people who were lucky enough to have a free period around this time. “Everyone come up and take a number and go to your new seats.”

“Come on Abby! Let’s get our numbers together!” I heard Katie said as I felt her pull on my arm to get up. I sluggishly did, my vision still looking out the window. “Come on! I don’t think you’re boyfriend will be walking around out there at this time. You ran into him in the hallway so he must have just got out of class.”

“He’s not my boyfriend!” I retaliated fast.

“But you were asking a lot of questions about him yesterday. I could only assume…” Katie said, her hand covering her mouth and her eyes giving me a weird ‘shifty’ look.

“I ask you because I thought there was a chance you could have met him before. You’re more social than I am, after all.” I said to her as we walked towards Professor Ano and his hat full of seating numbers. I watch Katie reach into the hat and pull out a number.  She opened it and looked at the number with a face that wasn’t sure if she should be happy or sad about where she would be sitting now.

“Well…it’s not a bad seat. But also I don’t play much attention to people around me either. I mean, my eyes are for the supernatural. I don’t have time to be looking at boys and whatnot.”

“Hey, hey, hey! Don’t make it look like I’m the boy-chaser around here!” I said as I reached into the hat and pulled out my seating number. “Thirteen…” I said aloud so that Katie also knew what number I pulled.

“Lucky number.”

“I hardly think so…” I said to her, looking over at where my new seat would be. It was away from the window, but it wasn’t at the front. In fact…it was almost dead middle. If there is any consolation prize, my left desk neighbor will be… 

“Looks like we’re sitting next to each other!” Katie said, very excited as we both walked to our new seats and realized that that moment we’re going to be neighbors. “This is going to be great!”

“Yeah…great for me not to learn anything in class until the next seat change.” I said to her. Sighed, I looked to my right to see who my other neighbor will be.

It is then I saw him again… 

James McClaire.

We both made eye contact as I saw him get to his new seat.

For the love of…HE’S IN MY CLASS!

“Hey…you’re Abby’s boyfriend!”

“He’s not my boyfriend!”

The End

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