Chapter 3: Magic Affinity - Page 4

“Please read pages thirty to fifty-seven by tonight and answer questions one through five.” I heard Professor Ano say to everyone in class as the final bell rung throughout the building. I lifted my arms up in the air and stretched out, giving my body the chance to break out of the careless slump it fell into as soon as the professor started lecture. I finished stretching to notice Professor Ano staring straight at me before my vision was cut off by a particular blond-haired girl with blue eyes.


“Yo…” I said, not as enthusiastically as her but still glad to see her. There are few classes where Katie and I have together with History being one of them. Each class has different students so it was great to have at least one familiar face in the crowd. Half of the students already left the classroom while the people behind, like me, were talking to their friends. The odd thing, but not unexpected, is that as the days past, more and more students were missing. I still couldn’t help but reflect back at the opening ceremony where the Headmaster said that she’s responsible for students not seeing the next academic career. It would look like she’s good on her word.

She seems nice…if not intimidating. It’s hard to imagine her being the bad guy, expelling people left and right. If that were the case, then I shouldn’t be here.

“Whatcha thinking?” Katie asked as she sat in the seat across from me.

“…just thinking about the students that stopped showing up.”

“Oh yeah…the class did feel a bit roomy. I just thought that they transferred to another History class, but I noticed that they were also missing in my other classes too.” Katie said, tapping her lips with her finger.

“Well the Headmaster said that she is expelling most of the students…”

“Do you think she’ll expel me?!”

“If you keep snooping around at night looking for ghost, I can’t guarantee your safety!” I yelled at her. The other students looked at us with cautious eyes before backing away from us. This was no strange gesture whenever we talk to each other. She’s crazy. I’m rational. It’s only natural it’ll lead to explosive conversations. And why they shy away from us because of Katie’s ‘odd’ status, having her around and talking to her did brighten my otherwise boring and repetitive day. She’s weird…but everything she does tends to lead to an adventure. “Look…we can keep sneaking around, but the last lead you had was about a girl whose hair was enchanted to defy gravity.”

“It was being held up in the air and angled in strange directions! What else could have explained it’s magic-like properties?”

“For the last time, hair gel!” I yelled at her again. We started to laugh at our past selves for actually doing a small investigation of poor Shelley and her unnaturally curly hair. It was a silly investigation, but it wasn’t as in-depth as the will-‘o-the-wisp lead. I watched as Katie got up and walked over to the windowsill and looked outside.

“We’ll find a lead soon…an actual lead. This school is known for it’s weird coincidences and unexplainable events. Besides…we have four whole years, right? We’ll find something…or something might fun us!” She said, getting really excited. I couldn’t help but narrow my eyes at her.

“I prefer we find trouble than trouble finding us…” I said to her. Katie looked at her wristwatch and let out a small gasp.

“Volleyball practice!” Both Katie and I said in unison, me with a slightly less surprised voice. She was always late for volleyball practice, but she’s so talented at it that they just let it slide. “I gotta go!” She said as she picked up her bags and started running towards the door. The few students that were left in the classroom moved away from the rampaging blond girl and a few scuffles were heard outside the class door. “Excuse me! Sorry! Move!”

“Oh boy…” I said as I picked my things us as started to head out of the classroom. As I stepped out of the door, I looked over at the path of destruction that she left behind. “Impressive. She only knocked down three kids this time…” I said as I saw a boy on the ground near the door. Feeling that I need to fix her mistakes, I walked over to the boy and knelt down, handing him the books that he dropped when he got knocked down. “I’m sorry for my friend. She can get rather reckless sometimes…”

“I-It’s no problem…” He said, his voice obviously showing he’s a bit shaken up. He kept his eyes on the ground, not wanting to make contact.

Odd…his voice sounds familiar…

“I’m Abigail Missan by the way…” I said as I outreached my right hand towards him.

“I’m James McClai-“ He started when I notice something falling out of his sleeve. I watched as it tumbled out and fall on the ground with a loud wooden sound resonating from its point of impact. We both stared at the wooden object that was now lying between us.

It was a wand.

The End

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