Chapter 3: Magic Affinity - Page 3

“Please…take a seat Miss Missan.”

I rather not!

“Sure thing…” I said as I walked inside the Headmaster’s office. As expected, her office is simply amazing. Bookshelves filled with books, large portraits of previous Headmasters before her, various vases and busts on pedestals lining along the walls of her ‘library-like’ office. However, the awe and fascination wasn’t enough to squelch the panic and nervousness I was feeling inside. And the main contributor for the anxiety was…

“Make yourself at home. Look around and ask if anything catches your attention.” The Headmaster’s sweet, but authoritative voice said to me as my vision locked on to what was in her hand.

My wand…

…she has my wand…!

There is nothing I could do. Right now I wasn’t sure if I was going to be punished or expelled for having such an item on me. What’s even worse is that the Headmaster doesn’t realize that the thing that she’s casually waving around and slapping against her palm was something that held the potential to blow her and her beautiful office to smithereens! I believe she noticed my panic looked as she looked down at my wand and held it pointing up towards the roof.

“Such a fine wand this is.” She started as she brought it down and held it horizontally. “I’m a sucker for such fine craftsmanship…but I do have to ask you why you’re carrying around something that can easily be mistaken as a weapon, Miss Missan.” She said as she stared straight into my eyes.

“I-I-I’m fascinated by wands and things…!” I quickly said, not really sure what words were coming out of my mouth, but anything would be better than nothing. “Y-you know…it’s why I applied to this school. Salem, witchcraft, wands…I-I’ve been fascinated by the subject.” I said to her, hoping she wouldn’t see past my lie. Unfortunately for me, I was fidgeting in my seat uncontrollably. She gave me a cold look at she looked at me then back at my wand. For some reason, every time she turned her head, I kept seeing the scar that was on her right cheek. If it wasn’t for such a scar, she would be very pretty to look at all day.

“Miss Missan. I know our school shares the same name as the historical place called ‘Salem’ but please refrain from relating this school to that tragic event in the past. Magic is one thing, but magic does not exist.” She said as she gripped my wand in the middle. “Can I trust that I will not see you waving this thing around school? I would hate to give out an actual punishment for something so silly.” She said to me as I felt myself winching in pain as she continued to grip my wand.

I don’t know what’ll happen if she keeps gripping it like that! If it breaks, there’s no guessing what’ll do!

“Yes ma’am!” I said, trying to hide my painful expression. She looked at me before flipping my wand in her fingers so that the ‘handle’ was facing towards me.

“Ok. Keep it out of sight. What you do on your free time is your business but if I hear students complaining about someone waving a stick around and talk about magic, you and I are going to have a long talk about appropriate behavior at school. Clear?” She said as I nodded my head vigorously.

“Yes ma’am!” I repeated. I saw her nod, giving me permission to get the wand out of her hand. I carefully reached up and gripped the handle of my wand. I felt her own grip loosen as I brought my wand back towards me and back into my sleeve. “Thank you.”

“It’s no problem. Just remember what I told you. Keep it out of sight, or else there will be trouble.” She said, point a finger at me. “Now go along.” She said. I felt a sigh of relief escape my lips as I quickly got up. The faster I leave, the faster I can get out of harm’s way! “Oh…Miss Missan…?”

So close to the exit!

“Y-yes…?” I asked, turned my head backwards to see her. My hand already pulled the door open as was about to take my first step out of her office before she called me out again.

“You’re friends with Miss Patentski, right?”

“Katie? Er...Katherine? Y-Yeah…”

“Keep an eye on your friend. Rumor has it she has a knack for putting her nose where it doesn’t belong. It’s ok to be curious, but for her safety, please keep her in check.” She said as I nodded. I turned my head forwards, ready to leave again. “And Miss Missan?”


“Please keep an eye on Mr. McClaire as well…” She said to me as if I knew him already.

“…ok?” I said as I quickly walked out of her office and closed the door behind me.

Mr. McClaire…? Who’s that?

The End

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