Chapter 3: Magic Affinity - Page 2

It’s been three days since our trip to Rover Hall were we thought we found ‘will-‘o-the-wisps’ but it ultimately turned out they were just fireflies. Katie decided to drop the investigation but I was still perplexed on why the bugs were shining blue. Regardless, ever since that day, Katie as been looking around campus for the next possible lead for investigation. As for me? Ever since we came back from Rover Hall I’ve been having the same dream over and over again.

It’s always me running down a hallway of some building on campus. And it’s no mystery which building it is either… I thought to myself as I was heading to my first class. I looked up and left of my currently position to see a tall building with fencing all around the perimeter of the roof. This building is primarily for science but it also houses the office of the Headmaster. I’ve never had class inside this building yet but after the dreams I’ve been having, I’m not looking forward to it.

I keep being chase by people too. People who are obviously mad at something and they keep following me wherever I run. And it always leads to the same result…I get to the roof where Katie is waiting for me and somehow, someway…she had my wand. What does this mean? Is this some kind of weird omen? I mean, after what has happen in the last two weeks, is an ‘omen’ really that weird to consider? Speaking of omens, the strangest thing is that every time I have that dream…

I looked back at my fingers and rubbed them together.

I always end up with a weird nosebleed. And there is still that boy in Rover Hall…

My mind flashed back to the silhouette of the boy I saw inside the building. He by the height of his shadow, he didn’t look like he was any taller than me But what more disturbing was the thing that was in his hand.

A wand…he was carrying a wand and he was pointing it at me…

I weaved by a few students that were walking the in opposite direction. I looked back at the people I passed and stared at their backpacks.

I don’t know who that kid is…but anyone could be him. And he could be carrying his wand in his backpack. Or maybe in his sleeve… I thought to myself as I reached into my own left sleeve of my robe and found where I was hiding my wand. Ever since that night, I’ve decided to keep my wand around me rather than the safety of my room or in my backpack. The kid saw my face and knows my voice…he can easily identify me and call me out…or strike me down.

This is nerve wreaking…knowing that one person out of the entire student body knows my secret. I don’t know what to do. The most logical thing is nothing but at the same time, knowing someone is out there that’s in control of my faith…it’s unsettling.

I sighed as I drew my wand from my sleeve. There was no one in front of me and I haven’t past anyone in awhile so I felt it was safe to take it out. I wanted to get a good look at my wand since the wand that the boy had didn’t look anything like mine.

My wand looks like it’s been smoothed then polish. It even looks like it has a purplish hue to it when you look hard enough. It’s about the same length of my forearm, around a foot, maybe a little bit more and the handle has carved grooves that act as a grip. Very light for something this long and it isn’t long enough to poke out of my sleeve on accident. If I didn’t know any better…whoever created this wand had the full intention of making it light and hidden out of sight. As for that kid’s wand…I didn’t get a good look at it but it didn’t look as well polished as mine...and the wood looked a bit dark, even when the moonlight was on it.

“Excuse me, but what is that…?” A voice called behind me. I felt shivered travel down my spine as I stopped walking and slowly turned around me. My heart skipped a beat as I quickly realized who the person behind me was.

“Good morning Miss Missan. Would you care to walk with me? We have a few things we need to discuss…” The Headmaster said, a warm but threatening smile on her face.

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The End

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