Chapter 3: Magic Affinity - Page 1

What’s going on…? What am I doing…?

I found myself running down a school hallway, one that I don’t recall ever being in. What’s interesting is that my running…isn’t my own doing. Something is controlling me, making me run however the thoughts going through my head right now are clearly my own.

Why can’t I stop running? I literally can’t stop myself! What’s going on…? Is this a dream?

I felt my body turn left down another hallway and up a flight of stairs. What I heard behind me was a faint, but easily recognizable sound. It was the sound of people and footsteps…and by the sounds of it, they were angry…and running just as fast. It was almost as if they were chasing after me.

Ok…running now seems like a good idea. But where am I? I’ve never been inside this building before?

But the movement of my body and my navigation through the hallways would say otherwise. I darted between stairwells, through hallways, and weaved between students were standing there. My body knew this building like the back of my hand but mentally this was the first time I’ve seen this place. After entering another stairwell, I started the climb the staircase for two more floors before I hit the roof access door. It wasn’t locked, but it was a familiar sight of seeing the lock that once held it close was ‘burned’ off.

What in the world…? 

Expecting myself just to bust through the door, I found my body reacting more carefully, gently pushing the door open as if I’m intentionally creating noise from the squeaky door. As I fully opened the door and walked on the roof, my vision locked on to a girl that was standing on the far edge of the building, looking through the chain-linked fence which protected and prevented people from falling off.  Her hair was golden and it was slightly past her shoulders. She looks tall, taller than anyone I can remember but somehow she felt familiar. As I noticed myself, I too, felt a bit taller than I remember.

“Katie…” I hear myself say, against my own will. “…please don’t do this.”

“Stay away Abby! Just…stay away…” I heard the blonde girl call out to me before turning around. To my surprise, it was indeed Katie who was standing before me, her eyes red and puffy from the tears she’s been crying.

“Just…let me talk to you…” I said, putting my hands up and gesturing her to calm down. I found myself sidestepping in a circle, which caused Katie to also sidestep in the same direction. No matter how many steps I took to get around to her, she just kept taking the same steps to stay away. “I know what you’re thinking…”

“You don’t know anything Abby! You don’t!” She yelled at me as she did something that I didn’t see coming.

She pulled out a wand.

She pulled out MY wand.

“I trusted you!”

“It wasn’t me!”

“I trusted you and you betrayed me!”

“This isn’t some game! If I didn’t do it, we both could have died!”

“If you could have told me from the beginning…!”

“It’s more complicated than that Katie! The school…”

“The school…” Katie muttered, my wand still pointed at me. “…the school and everything in it…should just DISAPPEAR!” She yelled out loud. And in that instant…a purple light shot out of the wand. My eyes widen as I realized that the purple light was coming at me in full force. I tried to side step away but it was too fast. 

It hit me square in the chest.

I found myself flying backwards into the chain-linked fence.

And then…

…I found myself falling backwards, over the side of the building.  

Time started to slow down. My eyes still wide as I saw the building appear in my peripheral vision. I saw Katie running towards me, the look of fear on her face.

And I saw my hand reach up towards her as if I can still grab her outstretch hand to save me.


“Ow…” I rubbed my head, realizing that I just managed to roll and hit my head against the wall that the bunk bed was up against. I rolled back on my back and stared up at the ceiling, sighing to myself. “I can’t believe it…I had that dream again…” I muttered as I reached up and touched my nostrils. I brought my fingers in front of me so I can see them clearly.

“Just as I thought…” I said, frowning but not surprised.

“…my nose is bleeding again…”

The End

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