Chapter 2: The Witch and the Occultist - Page 8

What do I do…? Oh God what do I do? That’s a wand. No doubt about it. But is it magical? Can it do magic like mine? What about this boy? Is HE magical? Is it possible he summoned those wisp here? What’s going on…? There are too many questions!

“W-what are you doing here?” I heard him say, his wand still pointing straight at me. I noticed his wand shaking a bit. It’s still pointing straight, but it was definitely shaking.  It was a dangerous thought but...

Is he…scared of my appearance here? I thought this was a setup…but could it be possible that I was the one that got the drop on him? It’s a dangerous gamble…actually it’s a VERY dangerous gamble. If I’m wrong…then I’m basically dead. But if I’m right…then I can gain control of his situation.

“Answer me!”

“I just want the headband…that’s all.” I said to him, trying to calm him down. Inside, I was having a heated debate with myself.

Draw your wand. He won’t expect you to have a wand.

You don’t know how to use it, dummy! If you draw and he shoots, I’m dead. DEAD!

He’s shaking. He doesn’t have commitment. He’s using his wand as an intimidation factor. We can easily get the draw on him and tell him to leave.

OR we can talk to him peacefully, get the headband, and pretend none of this ever happened!

The Headmaster said it was going to be dangerous for the next couple of nights. We’re not supposed to be out here in the first place. If he’s dangerous, wouldn’t it be better to go down swinging than just stand here and die?

“Did you see anything? Did you see anything in the windows?” The boy asked as I keep my eyes on his wand and his arm. The last thing I wand to do is turn away from my potential killer and his weapon.

“I saw blue lights…that’s all…” I said to him.

“Blue lights? Like…orbs? No green streaks or red streaks? Blue?” I heard him say out loud. “…it wasn’t suppose to be blue. And I’m sure they were streaks…”

What in the…?

“How odd…” He said, as I saw his wand lower a bit.

It was my chance.


I quickly threw my hand into my sleeve and draw my wand out. At the same time, he realized his wand drooped and brought it back to my body but at that time, both of our wands were drawn and they were pointing at each other. We were now a witch and a wizard in a dangerous situation. One person knows how to use magic, while the other doesn’t. However the one that knows magic doesn’t know about that tiny detail.

Ok…you made it this far…now take control of the situation. It’s a long shot but if I don’t show that I can use this wand, then I’ll be in deep trouble.

“Drop your wand…NOW” I said, my own wand shaking in the air.

Then…it happened…

“Ok! Ok! Just don’t hurt me!” He said as I saw him drop his wand. I watched it fall and hit the ground with the wood echoing in the classroom. I was now in control…but was surprised me was…it was that easy?

What in the world? He…gave up?

“Please! Please! Just don’t hurt me! I…I’m learning! I-!”

“C-Calm down! I just want the headband, and I’ll be on my way.”

“R-Really? You won’t report me then?” He said, a mix of sorrow and surprise in his voice.

Report him…? Well he did point a wand at me but I don’t know if he knows how to use it…

“No…” I said, not really giving a convincing answer. I slowly started to make my way to the headband, keeping my eye on his wand. While still pointing my wand at him, I carefully picked up the headband and backed away slowly. Everything about this situation was not as I expected…I definitely didn’t expect him to just give up and roll over like that. But it would seem I have gotten away with it. What didn’t make sense was his presence here in the building.

Why was he here? Something he said earlier…Red? Green? Streaks? Was he practicing magic? More importantly…is there a second wand in his school? Is it even real?

“Thanks…” I said awkwardly.

“N-No problem…” He responded back, just as awkward. I nodded as I opened and closed the door behind me. I wasn’t sure exactly what went down but once we get back to the dorm room, I’ll have more time to figure out what just happened. I looked out of the windows that showed the outside world to see Katie walking around the building. Taking that as my signal of ‘hurry up’, I jogged down the hallway and out of the building to rendezvous with her.

“Late!” Katie said, standing firm. I panted as I finally reached her. I did more running tonight than I ever done in my life put together.

“Sorry.” I panted. “All the rooms look the same…”

“It’s ok…at least we got our equipment back.” She said as I looked up at her. For some reason Katie…was pouting. I blinked as I looked at the headband then back at her. Did I forget something?

“Um…you ok?”

“Tonight was a bust…”


“There are no will-‘o-the-wisps here…” She said, still pouting.

“How can you say that?” I yelled. “We saw blue lights floating in the sky! And you got possessed and…!” I said to her as she started running forwards. Not wanting to run anymore, I just stood there and watched her run to a nearby grassy field. “Katie! What do you mean by-“

“Behold!” She said as she turned around towards me. Her arms were extended wide as if she was a ringmaster. “Your ‘will-‘o-the-wisps!’” She yelled as she jumped in in the air and then back down. On her landing, ten, maybe twenty will-‘o-the-wisps flew up from the ground and encircled Katie. At first I was freaking out…until a wisp got close enough to me to see what it really was.

“…a firefly?” I said as I saw the mysteriously blue ball of light fly towards then away from me. I saw the rest of the fireflies fly around in a beautiful blue display before going dark. “What we saw…were fireflies?”

“It would seem so…” Katie said as she walked towards me. “I don’t know about my brief moment of ‘possession’. Maybe I was just zoned out and blinded by fascination. I mean…I really thought those things were wisps. But it would seem that faith has thrown us a curve ball.” She said as she took her headband from me and put it on. “If the world’s most guarded secret was discovered in one day by two thirteen-year-old girls, then I wouldn’t be interested in it. But man that was a rush…we could have stumbled upon something that was greater than us on the first night, you know?” She said as I couldn’t help but remember the boy in the classroom. If that wand was the same as my wand…then it is possible that I have done just that.

“Well…there’s always tomorrow…right?”

“That’s right Abby! Tomorrow we’ll be right back on the ghost hunt, unraveling the mysteries that make up Salem Buckingham Academy!” She said as she draped an arm around my neck and pushed me forward into the night.

“Abigail.” I corrected again. “…and if we’re going to solve the school’s many mysteries, shouldn’t we start with ‘why are the fireflies illuminating blue and not yellow’?”

“We’ll put that one in the backburner. That’s not ‘ghost’ related at all!”

“But it’s unnatural!”

The End

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