Chapter 2: The Witch and the Occultist - Page 7

In a loud gasp, Katie’s body suddenly got ten times lighter and with my entire body weight anchoring her down, she flew backwards away from the edge of the roof and safely on solid ground. I fell backwards, hitting my head on the roof floor. As I opened my eyes, my vision was blurred but it started to clear up a bit. I turned my head to see Katie on the roof, away from the edges, but not moving.

“K-Katie…? Katie?” I called as I crawled over to her. She was slumped on her side, unresponsive of my calls. I looked back quickly to see if the will-‘o-the-wisp were still there…

… but they have vanished.

“Katie, are you ok? Say something?” I called as I rolled her on her back. I heard a slight moan escape her lips as I flopped her over. Her eyes struggled to open, but when they did, her blue eyes were a welcoming sight.

“W-What happened?”

“You almost became part of a folklore statistic.” I said to her as I helped her sit up straight. I took careful notes of her face and body, wanting to make sure nothing seemed broken or hurt. But she looks perfectly find from where I’m looking. “How are you feeling?”

“Weird…I don’t remember taking those steps. Could it have been the wisp?” She asked as I saw her reach for her arm and rubbed it. “…I feel like someone’s been pulling on my arm for the last minute.”

“That was me…sorry.” I apologized. We both used each other to get ourselves standing on our own two feet. We both looked over at the area were we saw the will-‘o-the-wisp but they were gone without a trace.

“Was I really in a trace then?” Katie asked as we started to walk towards the stairwell, deciding that now is the perfect time to call it a night and get back to the dorm rooms. “I mean…did I just not respond or anything?”

“Yeah…you were ready to walk right off that roof to chase after glowing blue things in the sky.” I said to her. She scratched her head, obviously embarrassed by her trace-like performance.

“Well…I guess I owe you one. If you weren’t here, I would have definitely hurt myself. Maybe not die…but definitely hurt…” She said, looking like she has all of her strength back. As for me, I was struggling to get down the stairs. After all, I had to run up and down and hallway, run up a flight of stairs, and pull my own body weight for a full minute and a half to prevent my only friend in this school from seriously hurting herself. It’s been a tiring day, and I want some sleep!

“Like I said…” I started as we made it back to the second floor of the building. “We’re friends and I got your back. Just…try NOT to get possessed next time, alright?” I said. Katie didn’t move. I raised an eyebrow at her sudden decision to stand her ground.

“You mean…you want to do this again?”

“Sure…why not?” I asked.

“I almost got hurt because of my own recklessness.”

“Happens to the best of us really…”

“You’re losing valuable sleep time.”

“I’m sure it’ll get it all back on the weekends.”

“Then…you’re really ‘in’.” Katie said as she looked at me in the eyes. I looked at her straight back and nodded.

“That’s right. We’re friends, right? Besides, if something like that happens again…” I said her but before I knew it, she threw her arms around me in a huge hug.

“Thank you Abby! I swear to you that if something happens to you, I’ll do anything I can to save you!” As sappy as it sounds, I couldn’t help but feel moved by her statement. I gently patted her back and sighed.

“Let’s just hope it never has to come to one of us being in mortal peril again, alright?” I said as I gently pulled her away. I smiled as her face was full of tears and mucus but then noticed something off. “…whatever happen to your headband?” I asked, gesturing towards her head. Katie blinked as she reached up to her head and patted her head.

“My flashlight! I left it in the last classroom because it felt like it was weighing me down!”

“I’ll get it. Don’t go chasing any wisp when I’m gone…ok?” I said to her, laughing a bit as I entered the hallway.

So that does it, right? Katie now knows that magic exist. I mean…will-‘o-the-wisp? Possession? Her almost walking off the edge of a building? Other than being crazy, there is no there explanation for it that kind of behavior.

As I entered the last classroom where we first saw the will-‘o-the-wisps, I saw Katie’s headband on the ground, illuminated by the moonlight.

“There you ar-“


I instantly stopped. My eyes widen as I looked in the direction of where the voice came from. There stood a silhouette of a person, a boy judging by the sound of his voice. He was completely hidden by the shadows of the room where the light of the moon could not touch…


…what was visible by the moonlight was the wand he was pointing straight at me.

The End

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