Chapter 2: The Witch and the Occultist - Page 6

“THE WISPS!” Katie yelled as she immediately backed up, making me fall backwards and hitting my back against the bookshelf on the opposite side of the classroom door. I was lucky that no books came tumbling down, creating more noise. Unfortunately for us, Katie’s now excited state was enough noise to alert anyone inside the building.

“Ow…” I moaned, rubbing the back of my head.

“Let’s go Abby! The classroom across from here!” Katie yelled as she was already up and running down the hall. Seeing her run was a painful reminder of how un-athletic I was compared to her. I was barely getting up while she is running at a fast pace.

“The will-‘o-the-wisps leads people into danger!” I yelled at her, trying to remind her of the small lecture she gave me at the beginning of our little expedition but I felt like my call went on deaf ears. “I got to get to her before something happens!” I said as I started to run after her.

Sure, she believes in magic but she doesn’t ACTUALLY know it exist. I know it exist and it’s powers but she thinks this is all a game. I have no idea what these things will do to her! If I don’t catch… 

“Watch out!” Katie’s voice carried down the hall as now I saw her running TOWARDS me. My eyes widen and mouth dropped as I instantly pressed my back against the nearest bookshelf wall and watch her zoom right past me.

“Whatever happened to-!”

“Nothing in there, but I saw the same thing on the roof!” She yelled as I instantly came to a startling conclusion.

 “Wait…the wisps likes to lure people into danger…the roof…Katie!” I called as I started running after her. Again…she was more athletic than I was. The only thing I can hope is I can get to her before something happens.

This is all happening way to fast. Not a week ago did I discover that magic exists. But to think that there is a possibility that ghost exist and the chance that they are ‘conscious’ of their decisions? And to top things off, the whole mystery of Katie’s memories that hint that there are PEOPLE out there who are messing with people’s minds. Does that mean that wizards and witches DO exist in our world, we just never suspected them? Arg! This is hurting my head!

But first, I need to make sure that Katie’s alright!

I turned myself around and started to head towards the stairwell that we took to get up here. With any luck, the roof access is going to be locked and it’ll prevent Katie from getting access. But by the time I climbed up the extra flight of stairs, I saw the door wide open. What was more concerning is that there was a padlock for the roof access door but it look like the padlock loop was cut off…

…or better described, melted off.

I walked through the door and looked around, spotting Katie on the far side of the roof.  Already out of breath, I jogged slowly to her position, wanted to see if she’s ok. As I got there, I saw her blankly staring at the horizon, no sign of life in her eyes.

“K-Katie…?” I called to her, waving my hand in front of her face. “Hello…? Ka-KATIE! WHAT ARE- whoa girl!” I yelled as suddenly she started to walk towards the edge of the roof. I grabbed onto her arm and dropped my weight backwards, trying to anchor myself on the roof. She is literally three feet away from the end of the building, a two story drop awaiting her. But she still tried to progress forward, her eyes still staring straight ahead. It was like she’s in a trance or something. I tried calling out her name some more but it was not getting through. “Katie! Katie! Snap out of it!” I yelled as I felt my feet starting to drag against the roof. 

For someone who’s about the same weight as me, she sure can pull me forward!

“Katie! Katherine! Listen to me…!” I yelled at her, now inches away from the edge. My anchoring and pulling were now visible as I saw her right foot stop forward progression. I looked up a the horizon to see what she was seeing…

…and I saw it…

…the same blue lights dancing in the middle of the sky.

The will-‘o-the-wisp…they’re real. And their luring effects are real as well. What does this mean? If Katie somehow dies here…will she become one of them? What will happen to me? At this point, if she goes, I’m going over due to reaction!

“You have to break the spell Katie! Your life depends on it! MY life depends on it!” I continued to yell at her, but still no response. We are now centimeters away from the edge. One more step would do it. If I let her go to save myself, she will certainly fall off. If I don’t, then we’re both going over.

Her left foot started to move…

…my arms were straining, ready to give out…

“WAKE UP!” I screamed. 

The End

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