Chapter 2: The Witch and the Occultist - Page 5

“Y-You don’t remember any of it?” I repeated as we continued our walk in the second floor hallway of Rover Hall. The atmosphere wasn’t the thing on my mind anymore. It was now averted to Katie’s story of her past.

“I only learned from stories and news reports of the accident. In fact, the only thing I can remember from that night was sleeping in the car and suddenly waking up in hospital with doctors looking at me.”

“But your mom and dad…that must have been a hard time for you.” I said to her.

“That’s the thing…” She said as we made it to another door. This time she peeked through the door window to see if anything as inside. I stayed behind her and stared at her with some concern. How can a girl just calmly talk about her deceased parents? And how can she not remember something that traumatic? Was she just in a perpetual state of denial? “…I…don’t remember my parents.”

“What?” I yelled but covered my mouth.

“I mean…I remember faces and their names but…I just don’t remember anything else.” She said to me, but when she turned around, she finally showed some emotion. It was the pain of losing something precious. However…it was not the pain of losing a loved one…it was more like…

…something was stolen from her.

“Doctors believe it’s an effect of post traumatic stress. PST is making me block out all memories of my parents and the incident all together but…” She started again as she looked back forwards, making it hard to read her face. “…it shouldn’t span all the way and eliminate my childhood. I don’t know my parent’s birthdays, what their jobs were, what kind of music they like, what hobbies they had…nothing. And it’s frustrating because I FEEL like I once knew that. I FEEL like I knew something about them other than that they were ‘mom’ and ‘dad’. No family vacations, no remembrance of them attending sport events, I don’t even remember if they celebrated my birthday-!”

“Katie, calm down…!”

“I don’t remember! I know that I know those things but something is, literally, making me forget! It’s frustrating! And I want to know why! And somehow, I just know…” Katie ranted before taking a deep breath before letting it out slowly. “…I just know it has to do with magic. There is no explaining it other than the unexplainable. That’s why I must find it. I must know. If magic exists out there, then there must be a way to make me remember what I have forgotten. Yes, I’m doing this for greedy reasons…but I just need to know. I have to know.” She said as she looked back at me. Her eyes were watery, but they weren’t tears. They look like eyes of someone who just took a load off her chest. “…I want to know that I’m real.”

She must have been saved in that car accident. For whatever reason, someone must have used magic or something to protect her. And whoever did it, must have erased her memories of the incident so that she can continue living life without being tethered down by a traumatic experience. I can see why someone would do that but…I guess he or she didn’t realize that what they did was worse than what they initially thought.

To not know who or where you came from…

…to be stripped of your self-worth like that…

“We’ll find them, Katie.” I said to reassure her. “Ghost, espers, magic…I’m sure with your brawns and my brains, we can get the jump on these things and expose them for what they really are.” Katie smiled at me as she nodded her head.

“That’s right. Together, we’ll blow the whole lid that’s keeping the magical world a secret. And I believe that Salem is the best place to pop the lid right off!” 

Even though I know that magic CAN exist in the world…I feel like Katie needs to be the one that discovers it herself. So I’ll keep quiet about my ‘magical’ powers for least until the time is right.

“Uh…Abby?” Katie mumbled as I broke out of my own thoughts to see her still, looking through another classroom door. 

“What?” I asked as I came up from behind and looked through the tiny door window. While there’s nothing in the classroom itself, the windows in the classroom were at an angle where we can see inside another classroom in the same building (thanks for the U-shape of the building). Inside that classroom we both clearly saw it…

…floating blue illuminations that periodically glow brightly then disappear.

The End

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