Chapter 2: The Witch and the Occultist - Page 3

“Kinda gives a different feel when it’s the middle of the night.” Katie said as we were walking down the hallway of Rover Hall. She brought a flashlight-mounted headband to give us some light but I felt that it would give away our position to the teachers. It was nice having light, but it didn’t make the situation we’re in any less scary.

“N-No. Not at all. I mean I always walk in school buildings in the middle of the night looking for ghostly apparitions all the time.” I said to her, bringing up the rear but a few steps behind her. I cautiously looked around, hugging myself in a warm bundle, making sure nothing was around that could pop up and scare us.

“…you do?”

“No I don’t! I’m being sarcastic!” I yelled but then instantly shut myself up as I heard my voice echo throughout the dark hallway. I withdrew into myself even more as I now felt really uneasy about this adventure. “Doesn’t this seem wrong? Two thirteen-year-old girls walking around in a school building at night looking for ghost? It’s like the making of a horror movie.”

“I think I’ve seen that movie before…”

“Not helping!”

“Calm down Abby. We have light…” She started as she looked off to her left and picked a book right off the shelf. “…we have books, and we have each other. There’s nothing we need to worry abou-“ Katie said but then, her headlight started to flicker then go out completely. We both stared at each other for a second before she reached up to her light and flicked the switch on and off, seeing if it still works. “Well we still have the power of literature and each other!”

“If we can’t see the threat coming then we might as well be unarmed!” I yelled again but instantly closed my mouth as my voice echoed through the hall once more. Katie gestured me to stay quiet as I nodded in agreement. She started moving forward and I quickly followed right behind her. Before I had a light to see her but now that the light was out, I had to stick close to her or else I might lose her entirely!

“So do you think they exist?” Katie’s voice said to me in a low whisper as we reached the end of the hall. She pointed up towards the ceiling, indicating going up to the second floor. I grimaced in the idea of continuing, but I nodded my head.

“The will-‘o-the-wisp?” I asked as I saw the back of her head nod. We made it to the stairwell and started to ascend up, each of our steps echoing in the stairwell. “I can’t for certain that they DON’T exist, if that’s what you're asking. I mean, anything is possible nowadays.”

Even magic and magic wands.

The End

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