Chapter 2: The Witch and the Occultist - Page 2

“The will-‘o-the-wisp are ghost lights that travelers see at night, normally in bogs or marshes. They have been knows to make people stray from their path and put them in dangerous, sometimes even fatal situations. They say that those people who fall victim to these ghostly orbs turn into will-‘o-the-wisp themselves!”

“You know…” I started as Katie and I were walking in the middle of the night heading towards a classroom building on campus. “…for something that intentionally lures people into danger, don’t you think that THIS is one of those times that we should learn from people’s past mistakes and NOT look for these ‘will-‘o-the-wisps’?” It was nearly midnight and in the past, my occultist roommate and I would stay in our rooms and follow a routine: I would finish up homework, and she would go online and look things up…and not do her homework. This is the first time that we’re actually following a lead that Katie overheard from students.

“Yes, but Abby-!”

“Abigail.” I corrected.

“This is big! I’ve been spending all week asking around if they saw anything weird on campus and finally someone mentioned strange sightings in the Rover Hall building! Strange lights that would appear and disappear in the windows and on the roof! It’s the will-‘o-the-wisp! I know it!” She said, very excited. While we were out in the middle of the night, we did exercise caution as it is frowned upon that students are outside this late. In fact, the Headmaster herself recently announced that students should stay indoors for the next three days and not to make an effort to go outside due to safety reasons.

“Look, I’m all for ‘searching for the unknown’, but I don’t think that we should be putting ourselves in harms way. I mean the Headmaster said-“ I said to her as Katie stopped abruptly, making me run into her back. I toppled backwards and looked up to see what made Katie stop suddenly.

“We’re here.” She said as we both looked at the building. Rover Hall was the literature building. While only two stories tall, each classroom was lined with bookshelves, each one filled with books of all genres. Oppose to the north and south libraries, Rover Hall consist of literary classics that the teachers use in their lessons. “Come on!” I heard Katie race towards the building, throwing caution to the wind that there might be teachers or groundkeepers around to catch students.

“K-Katie! Wait!” I whispered loudly as I raced after her. Katie was already tugging at the doorknob, turning it a few times hoping that the lock would give out and let them in. But after watching her try for five seconds, we both knew that it wasn’t going to work. “Katie. It’s locked.”

“I know but still…” She said, backing away from the door and getting a better picture of the entire building. All the windows we could see were pitch black and the roof didn’t look like anyone or anything was on top. In a huff, Katie started to walk around the building. “There has to be another way around. Go check the other side Abby!” She ordered, as I stood there dumbfounded for a second before following her order. Alas, when we met up again, we discovered that the other entrances were locked up tight. 

“I don’t think we’re getting in there Katie…” I said to her as we met back at the initial door we checked.

“But we have to. I mean…we’re so close! And those girls I talked to said they definitely saw something going on in the windows…”

“Maybe it’s just not meant to be. Not tonight. Let’s just forget about this and head back to the dorm before-”

“…you’ve heard, haven’t you?”


“About me…and my ‘obsession.’” Katie turned around and looked at me eye-to-eye. I wanted to keep eye contact…I really did, but I looked away towards the ground in shame.

“Professor Ano told me that you shouldn’t be butting into other people’s business.” I said, embarrassed.

“Then why did you come along? You could have easily said ‘no’. I mean…I’m use to it by now…people saying ‘no’ to me.” Katie said as she walked back towards the door and gave the doorknob a few more turns to see if it’ll unlock. “It’s no mystery that people think that I’m weird trying to find things that don’t exist…but is it really that troubling that I want to believe things like that? Ghost? Espers? Supernatural things that science cannot prove? When has having faith in something means you’re crazy? Why did you come out tonight?”

“…I came because you’re my friend.”


“We’re roommates but we’re also friends, right? Whether I like it or not, we’re going to be together for the next four years. I might as well learn to like my roommate including her hobbies, no matter how weird they are. So they can talk all they want, but I know that out of everyone I’ll meet during our four years here, you’ll probably be the friend I will lean on and trust the most…” I said to her. She didn’t turn around but her body language suggests that she was certainly shivering…and not because of how cold it is outside. “…and I wish that you can lean on me when everyone else doesn’t.”

This trip isn’t going to end here. Not like this! We’ll find a way inside even if…

“I’m going to go check the back entrance again. I think the lock there is about to give any moment.” I said as I quickly jogged to the entrance on the west side of the building.

She is trying to restore her faith in the unanswerable…that’s why she’s so obsessed with the supernatural. But I feel like there’s more to it than that. Much more. As for me…all I’m trying to find out… 

I made it to the west entrance of the building and tried to open the door once more. Once more, the door was locked. Looking left and right, I drew out the wand I was keeping hidden in my left sleeve and pointed it at the doorknob.

…just who or what I am…

“I beg you…please…”



The End

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