Chapter 1: Welcome to Salem - Page 6

“I appreciate the help unpacking, but you really didn’t have to do it.” Katie said to me as we were walking out of the dorm together. Feeling a bit weird for trashing the dorm room, I decided to help my new roommate unpack and get setup in our room. That, and I wanted to deter her mind away from the idea that she may have seen me do something completely improbable. But the fact of the matter is this: in my possession is a wand and it may or may not have magical properties. If anyone finds out about this, my career, heck, my life might be in peril!  “I hope you like ice cream Abby!”

“Er…it’s Abigail. And yes I love ice cream.” I responded as we walked down the cobblestone walkway towards the ice cream shop off campus. In thanks, Katie decided to treat me to something sweet and the first thing that came to mind, as well as the furthest place away from the magical crime scene I created, was the ice cream shop a block away from campus. As students, we are allowed to leave campus and go in town for whatever we need. What will prevent kids from running away you might ask? Well…nothing really. But if this school is as prestige as it makes it to be, then there is no reason for kids to run away. It’s their loss in the long run.  As Katie and I were about to cross the street off campus, I noticed off the corner of my eye a certain blonde hair woman with a tight hair bun. I instantly recognized her as the Headmaster, and right beside her were three students.

She said it herself that she will be the reason why a good portion of the students won’t be seeing their next academic career. Did she already bust three students on the first day?

“So what brings you to Salem, Abby?”

“Abigail.” I corrected again. “And I came here for the school. Heard this place was a good place to get an education and whatnot.” I said to her, essentially lying since I didn’t know this place existed until a few weeks ago but she didn’t have to know that. “What brings you here? I imagine it’s for the same reasons.” I said as I opened the door to the ice cream store and held it open.

“Me? I came here for the magic.”

And like a deer caught in headlights, my eyes instantly widen as I heard that word.

“M-Magic? Y-you mean those rumors about the school, right?” I said as Katie walked up to the cashier and gestured both of our orders.

“Rumors? What are you talking about? You’re telling me you ACTUALLY came here for the knowledge?” She said, surprised by my response. If anything, I was the one that’s surprised. Katie got our ice cream cones and handed me mine.

“I mean…this school is known for it’s academics and prestige….right?” I asked, taking a small lick.

“HECK NO!” She yelled, gesturing with the hand that held her ice cream. I honestly wasn’t sure what I was more scare of: her enthusiasm or ice cream that’s about to hit the floor. “This place is weird! Like…capital ‘W’ weird! Haven’t you heard of the strange stories? The ghost that haunt the south library? The groundskeeper who is actually a zombie? The story of the twins who lures people outside and slices them up in the rose garden to use them as fertilizer-!”

“Stop! Stop! I get it!” I said to her as I looked at her with disbelief. What was scary was that she was staring at me with the same expression.

“Oh my God. You actually don’t know. At first, I thought it was one of those taboo things that no one talks about. Heck, when I tried talking to people about it, they either clam up or they walk away from me really fast. It’s as if they were trying to avoid the conversation. But you…you really don’t know what this school is…!”

“Oh yeah? And what exactly is this school?” I asked as we both walked out of the store.

“Salem Buckingham Academy is hiding something. It’s a school full of mystery and strange occurrences that no one can solve meaning that the school MUST be hiding something big. No one could figure it out…until now!”

“Yeah? And what do you mean by that?”

“Glad you asked Abby! I’m going to be the one that debunks those mysteries! No stone will be left unturned as long as I’m here! In four years, I’m going to discover the mystery behind this school and show everyone what this school is hiding!” She declared, again, gesturing with the hand that held her ice cream.

“T-That sounds like a plan…” I said to her, laughing nervously. Little did she know that I’m now part of the Salem mystery.

For lack of better words…I’m a ‘witch’.

“Glad you think so, because I’m recruiting you to my cause Abby!”


The End

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