Chapter 1: Welcome to Salem - Page 5

“Finished…” I exhaled as I wiped the sweat off my forehead. I held onto the ladder that went up to the top bunk and looked at my blue and purple beddings then back at the ground. In retrospect, maybe it wasn’t the brightest idea in the world to take the top bunk since putting the beddings on it was a hassle, but I never slept in a bunk bed before so the labor was worth it. “Bedding is done, clothes are put away…” I said to myself as I looked down at the ground to see my two luggage lying wide open. “Now what am I going to do with these?” I climbed down the ladder and stared at my luggage then around the room. There was a closet that was big enough to hide them for now but the idea of having to bend down, zip them up, and then drag them over to the closet sounded like a huge pain.

Then…a thought crossed my mind.

Still wearing my school robe, I reached into my left sleeve and pulled out the wand I was hiding. As I held it in my hand again, I couldn’t help but feel nervous.

M-maybe it was a fluke. I mean…magic Abigail. MAGIC! There’s just no such thing as magic! I battled inside myself as I gripped the wand tighter. My eyes darted at my luggage, then at the closet door, then at the wand. This cycle would continue for another ten seconds of ‘luggage-door-wand’. Finally, I made up my mind. 

“If this works…then maybe there is such thing as magic…” I reasoned with myself as I pointed the wand at the closet door. A simple test really. If I can open the door with the wand, then magic MIGHT be real. But another problem is…how did I do it last time?

“Open.” I calmly said as I kept my wand pointed at the door. With much anticipation…nothing happened. “Open…open…OPEN!” I yelled as I flicked the wand at the door several times with different gestures. But out of all my attempts, nothing happened. Time never slowed down like before. There were so sparkles coming out of the tip of the wand. More importantly…nothing happen to the door. I felt my arm drop back to my side, the wand barely staying in my fingers. I felt disappointed…but at the same time, relieved.  

Then…I started to laugh.

Really hard.

“M-Magic! How stupid can I be?” I said out loud between breaths. I couldn’t believe that I got so worked up on something that obviously couldn’t exist. “It must have been something else I was seeing! Maybe I’m just tired from today and I completely imagine that girl floating before hitting the ground! That’s got to be it!” I said, calming myself down. I looked back at the wand that had no powers whatsoever and smiled. I pointed the wand at the door and let out a sigh of relief. “Magic…there’s no such thing…” I said as I did a quick horizontal slash with the wand away from the door while calling out humorously,


And in an explosion of wind, the closet door burst open and everything in the room, including my luggage, blasted off to the right and slammed against the opposite wall. I was in a stupor as I heard voices behind the wall pounding and yelling to keep it down. But that person’s anger went through one ear and out the other. I was in shock. 

I did it again…

…I just performed magic…

 “Whoa…what happen here?” A voice called out. I instinctively hid the wand back into my sleeve as I saw a girl appear with her luggage rolling right behind her. My eyes widen as the girl and I made eye contact.

There’s no way. This is like a bad dream…!

“Hey there roomie. I guess you’re Abigail. I’m Katherine. Katie for short. I guess we’ll be living together from now on!” The blonde hair girl said to me with a smile. She extended her hand towards me in a friendly handshake.

However, I stood there dumbfounded.

It’s the girl that I saved earlier! She’s my roommate?!

The End

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