Chapter 1: Welcome to Salem - Page 4

“Miss Abigail Missan?”


“…right this way.” The old woman said to me as she led me deeper inside the dormitory. If I was her, I would question why I was out of breath and why my short black hair was all over the place, but I guess when you get to that age, you just don’t care about the small details like that. “Your things have been move to your room: room 214. Your roommate hasn’t checked in yet so you can claim whatever bunk you want.”

“B-bunk?” I asked. I knew I would be living with a roommate, but didn’t think it was going to be bunk beds.

“Top or bottom.” She instantly responded, the monotone in her voice holding true as she continued to spout out her scripted speech. “This is a boarding house but please be back in the dormitory by nine at night. Should you attempt to come in after nine, you’ll need to present ID and…” The woman continued as I didn’t play much attention after that. I was too busy processing in my head what just happened a few moments ago.

Think Abigail…think! What just happened? Ok…I found a wand…or at least I thought it was a wand. Then I started playing around with it. Then the next thing I know, I saw something come out of it…like…sparkles or something like that. It went forward and it caught, literally caught, a girl that was about to trip down a small staircase! She…she floated! She floated for a solid two seconds before actually falling on the ground. I, somehow, prevented her from hitting the ground at full force. But the instrument of doing so was…this?

I felt my left sleeve of my robe and felt something hard that was about the size of my forearm, if not, a little bit longer. After that little ‘display’, I quickly hid the wand away and grabbed my things and headed to the dormitory as bystanders and teachers were all homing in on that blonde girl’s position, seeing if she is going to be ok.

I don’t know what’s going on here or what this ‘thing’ is but it’s not normal. Not one bit. I mean…I really didn’t think something like this could even exist! Magic? Magic wands? A school that’s supposedly ‘magical’? What kind of nonsenses is this?

“And here we are. Room 214. If you have any questions, the main office is on the first floor, please come in during office hours and if it’s an emergency, please call the number posted on the window.” The old woman said as she looked at me, the keys to what I’ll be calling home for the next year in her hands. “Welcome to Salem.” She said as she dropped the keys into my open hand.

“T-Thank you?”

“Don’t cause trouble.” She simply said as she started to head back. I turned towards the door that read “214” and looked at the names that was on the door:

Abigail Missan


“Katherine Patentski? I guess she’s my roommate.” I said as I inserted the key into the lock and unlocked the door. With a deep breath, I opened the door and took my first of many steps into the room I would call ‘home’.

The End

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