Chapter 1: Welcome to Salem - Page 3

“Ahh…what a day…” I exhaled as I sat down on a bench near a water fountain. After the opening ceremonies, the freshmen were given their class schedules and the entire day was dedicated to going to each classroom, picking up the class syllabus, and getting lectured for twenty minutes. After picking up my last syllabus, I could already tell that I was not going to like my history teacher, Professor Ano. “Let’s see…now I have to report to Washington Hall to see my dorm room.” I said to myself, picking up the itinerary sheet that was given to me. As I lowered the sheet from eye level, I couldn’t help but people watch.

It’s so weird…you would think freshmen would be out and about talking to everyone and trying to find friends but… I thought to myself as I vaguely remember a few freshmen that were near me during the opening ceremonies. They were by themselves, their heads darting left and right as if they are seeing if anyone was watching them. What was even weirder was that almost all the freshmen I saw were like that. Maybe it was the fact that it’s the first day but if I had to guess…I would say that they were paranoid about something.

“Maybe I’m just overthinking it. I mean, I sorta feel the same way.” I said aloud as I leaned back into the bench, allowing my body to sink into the wood frame and relax my muscles just for a little bit. As I dropped my hands to my sides, I felt something hit my left hand. Whatever it was, I heard it fall through the cracks of the wooden bench and onto the ground. I looked off to my left and peering through the slits of the wood. I couldn’t quite make it out from where I was looking, so I sat forward and looked underneath the bench. “What in the world did I…?” I pondered as I saw something lay there on the ground.

It looks like a stick…but not just any stick that broke off from a tree. This stick was carved and polished and it had a unique design at one end of it while the other end remained un-designed. I reached over and picked up the stick and held it in my hand where the designs were carved in. It then occurred to me that these weren’t just carving designs…these were made to handle this thing. What I was holding…

…for lack of better words…

…was a wand.

“What the heck…?” I breathed out as I sat back upright, holding the simple designed wand. Maybe it was a prop from a play? Or maybe some cosplayer left it behind. Either way, this wand was very well crafted for a prop and I felt that holding this thing made me feel empowered. “This thing is pretty cool. Funny how a school that’s supposedly ‘magical’ has something like this laying around.” I laughed to myself as I flicked the wand around in the air.  “This thing is actually fun to play with.” I smile as I flicked and pointed at various things around me. I knew I must look weird to anyone watching me right now, but it’s fun to play pretend once in awhile. “Ah ha! Whoosh! Abra kadabra! Float!” I called as I pointed at trees, birds, and flowers. But when I yelled ‘Float’ and pointed it in a random direction.

…something happened.

I saw something sparkle fly from the tip of the wand…

…and it headed straight for a girl who was about to trip down a five-step staircase.

And for a moment…the world stopped.

I saw everything go into slow motion…

…as I saw the blonde girl who was about to hit pavement…

…starting to float inches above ground.

The End

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