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“Greeting students, parents, and faculty. I am Sarah Esteed, your student council president for this academic year. I want to welcome back those students who decided to come back but I want to personally welcome the freshmen that will be joining us for the first time. Your experience here will stay with you no matter how long you’re actually here. So welcome.” The tall brown hair girl said to everyone inside the gymnasium we were all sitting in. Everyone was gathered there for the opening ceremonies, dressed in school uniform. For the guys, black slacks with a white button up shirt, and a purple tie. For the girls, they had the option of wearing a purple and black knee-long skirt instead of the pants but the top and tie stayed the same. It was standard uniform, but the one thing that wasn’t standard was the open ‘robe-like’ coat we had to wear. It was something that looked like a wizard or a witch would wear.

Uniform aside, it was staggering how many people were sitting on the gymnasium floor oppose to those people sitting in the side bleachers. What was even more staggering was the idea that the students on floor is the entire freshman class! It was literally twice the size of the sophomore, junior, and senior class put together! However, something did catch my attention in the opening lines from our student president:

“Your experience here will stay with you no matter how long you’re actually here?” What does that mean…? Is she implying that people are going to drop out on the first year? Maybe even the first day?

I looked around the gymnasium to see the other students who were sitting in the bleachers. Each of them looked a bit older than the next, wearing the standard school uniform and tie, but if these people sitting here today were once freshmen and their class size is that small now, then that means that roughly eighty percent of the freshman class won’t make it?

Oh man…what does that mean? Is my academic career going to be lucky enough to see the next year? Why would the school accept so many people if they know that almost eighty percent of the students are going to drop out?

It was with a sudden uproar of applause that broke me out of my worried state of mind. I looked back in front of me to realize that our student president has finished her speech and another woman as walked up on the stage.  She had blonde hair that was pulled back into a tight bun, and wore the weird robe like all the other students. Her eyes were a brilliant shade of blue and she doesn’t look like she was a day over thirty but she did have a noticeable horizontal scar on her right cheek. She took her stand in front of the podium and took her time looking at everyone in the gym.

“Good morning everyone. I am the Headmaster. Not all of your will see the next school year and I’m the reason why.” She said I felt my eyes widen by her bold statement. Somehow, it felt like she wasn’t just talking to the freshman class, but to all the students in the gymnasium.

“Let’s have a good year together, shall we?”

The End

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