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There's something weird about Salem Buckingham Academy. Follow the adventures of Abigail and her occult-obsessed roommate Katie as they explore and discover the secrets behind the historical boarding school. But little does Katie know that her best friend and roommate is a witch herself!

Chapter 1 - Welcome to Salem:

Here I stand in front of the iron gates of a school I only heard recently through word-of-mouth: Salem Buckingham Academy. An ironically catholic school that believes that knowledge is the greatest tool one could possess. Apparently it's a dream school for a lot of kids: great education, boarding, sports, and seclusion from the big city. But if they didn't come for the knowledge, then they came for the 'magic'.

There are rumors around this school. Weird, unexplainable things happen here that only a few people have seen. Things like odd crow migrations, unusual weather patterns, or even strange meetings with the 'council'. So not only has the school attracted those who seek knowledge, they have also have drawn in those who wish to unravel the mystery of the school known to locals as 'Salem'.

So how did I end up here? I mean…I applied to the school because it was a name that I overheard two students talking about when I was pulling together a list of schools to apply to. I did find it odd that such a well-renowned school like this didn’t have readily accessible information online. Maybe it takes pride of being a ‘private’ school seriously. Either way, after I submitted my entry essay and transcript, the next day I received an acceptance letter from them, telling me ‘congratulations’ and they were looking forward to seeing me on campus. No option to say no. No choice to say ‘I’m still looking.’ They just assumed that I was going to attend their school and that was that. 

What was indeed scary was that after I received that letter…

…no other letters from the others school I applied to came in.

No denial letters. No acceptance. Just…nothing. 

So with no real choice left, I reluctantly packed up my things, explained to my parents that I, Abigail Missan, a thirteen year old girl, was going to a boarding school, and I was on my way to a school I barely heard of…

…to a place I don’t even know existed…

…for the next four years.

The End

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