Mr. Antagonista

I wonder when will I be able to meet that person?

How would I know that he is the right for me?

If I am able to fold a hundred paper cranes and wish to meet him, will that come true?

Once more, Erica Daves finds herself poring over her diary entry, a playful smile splaying about her lips as she quietly relishes in her sweet thoughts of which she has always been divulging since her high school debut. As sweet as the apple dipped in the milky chocolate syrup, she halted upon her private endeavor and glances at her sliding crystal window just in front of her, the sky now melting into dew of honey that seemed to twirl with the purple and scarlet hues.

Almost seventeen years old now, she still continues on her favorite past time of secluding herself in the four purple walls of her room consisting of a single wide four poster bed, a purple cabinet mounted against the west corner just the opposite of the foot of her bed, a lavender bedside table with a lavender lamp over it which casts a bright ray of light upon the white carpeted floor.

‘Lady Purple,’ her big brother, Kite Daves calls her though she would simply turn a deaf ear or just sticks out her tongue at him. Remembering him, she involuntarily flinches, frowning upon the words of her brother.

‘So what if I love purple? What’s the big deal?’ sighing, she scans her entire room and with a big smile which shows her set of white teeth, pensively nods her red head, quite proud of her self.

Soon her thoughts drifted into other matters, such as her day at school and her few good friends. Homework, exams, and studies seemed not to be of important matter as she remained seated down on her favorite white mahogany chair, her purple notebook which she secretly keeps hidden in her desk is laid down in front of her on her white mahogany writing desk.

“Ahm… I’m getting old and I still haven’t met him. When will I ever see him?” she asks no one in particular, her gentle golden eyes seemed to be gazing at some distant land. Realizing that she has been far away from reality, she immediately sits up and clasping both of her hands as if in prayer, closes her eyes and swallowing a lungful of air, utters her lifelong prayer.

“I pray that God will answer my single wish and that is to meet my future husband. A husband who is kind, smart, cool, and who will love me wholly! Lord, please answer my prayer!” Erica fervently prays before she closes another chapter of her life and hopefully would welcome a fruitful day " one that would bear the fruit of her fervent prayers.


“Geez… Can you move faster? At this rate, we’ll really be late for school!” groans the dark head Kite whilst twirling his eyes upon her little sister who staggers walking after him, now is almost half-running just so she could keep up with him.

“Wait! Please, wait Kite!” cries Erica while catching her breath. A few meters left and they will reach their new school for they just moved to a new address. Erica admits that she will miss her previous school, her best friends, and as well as the memories she created along with them however, she knows that change is inevitable and so she must learn to cope up with it.

Briskly running along the road with the rest of her future schoolmates, she could not help but to smile akin to the sun beaming with bright rays amidst the infinite azure horizon and the gentle breeze from the coast that kisses the dancing buds of sakuras.

‘I hope that it’s going to be fun here,’ she quietly thinks whilst deep in reverie.

“Erica! Look out!” her brother cries out for her. But before she could immediately open her eyes, a hard force collided against her, causing the redhead to stumble upon the ground, and strewing the contents of her black leather bag all over the hard stone.

An unfamiliar sensation quickly shoots up in her butt, causing for her to flinch with pain. Grimacing at the disaster that befalls her, hot tears start to emerge from her eyes, her mind muddled now with pain.

“It’s your fault for not paying attention,” an unfamiliar voice immediately made her stopped, causing for her to stifle down her agony. Slowly turning her chin up, she is not mistaken to see a flaxen haired guy in blue suite wearing the school ID of St. Angelicum Academy around his neck, deep blue eyes coldly stares down at her. For a moment, she thought she is seeing an immortalized human being with such beauty unequaled to any other that she has forgotten her current plight.

For the first time, she feels her blood rushing through her veins, causing her heart to thump uncontrollably that she though the Earth stops spinning around its axis. Feeling her cheeks burning, she couldn’t help but openly gawk at the handsome stranger before her.

However, the flaxen haired guy could only shake his head and seeing the stupid expression upon the girl’s face, he returns the gaze but with an impassive face.

“Help yourself since it’s your fault, stupid,” he says which made the crowd gasp in utter astonishment and surprise.

“What -“

“I said it’s your fault. Are you dumb? Geez…” repeated the guy which made her blood boil at the impudence of such a fine-looking man however, beauty is deceit.

“What did you say?!” however, the arrogant guy quickly walks away as soon as he collided against her, leaving her red-eyed not with pain but with intense humiliation and anger seeping through every fiber of her being.

“Hey!” slowly she helps herself on her feet, completely unaware of the pain shooting throughout her buttocks. Upon looking around her, she realizes that she has gathered enough attention of her future schoolmates, throwing funny looks upon her situation. Massaging her aching rear, she slowly stoops down to pick up her scattered articles, completely ignoring the funny giggles and hubbub around her.

“Here,” speaks Kite, handling back her books to her.

Turning up, she saw her brother’s impassive face, gray eyes flickering with concern at her current plight.

“Thanks,” she softly mutters under her breath, snatching back her books and stuffing them back inside her leather bag.

“Next time, you should start paying attention to your surroundings. Enough day dreaming,” Kite tells her before turning his back to her.

And that was the first time Kite told her to be careful in an indirect way.


The redhead, still not forgetting the incident, vowed to hate the arrogant guy with all her heart. As soon as she enters her new school, meets her new class and settles down on her own chair, she has begrudgingly hope in her heart to not meet that guy.

‘I swear that guy will pay for humiliating me,’ her heart hisses in anger despite the seemingly serene look upon her face as her new teacher introduces her to her new class and as she settles down upon her new desk by the back row near the window.

Erica knows that her new school is a big place however, each students seems to have an inkling to the earlier incident and had, therefore already concluded that the transfer student met an unfortunate accident with the most handsome creature in the whole world.

Ignoring the meaningful glances pass along by her seatmates, Erica silently settles down on her chair, putting her bag aside and as well as to completely ease herself to the new environment.

‘I hope I will not see that arrogant prick. So what if he’s good-looking? I don’t care! He’s got a rotten attitude! I hope he rots in hell!’

Quietly thinking of such ill-thoughts and absorbed to her own world, she is left unprepared and speechless as the door slides open, leaving the whole class in total silence in contrast to earlier, their sea of eyes glued upon the sudden intrusion of another seemingly transfer student.

Noticing the sudden stillness, Erica slowly turns toward the front. Almost forgetting to breathe, she thought her world crumples into dust as she sees the familiar arrogant flaxen haired guy with cold deep blue eyes walking towards their brunette teacher, Mrs. Ayaka Natsume.

“Okay class, this is Mr. Adrian Sakamoto. Starting today, he and Miss. Erica Daves will join our class. Please take care of them and don’t forget to help them out. Okay?” Mrs. Natsume speaks with a gentle smile upon her face.

Erica could have smiled as she stares at him - a kind smile plastered upon his face as he meets his new class however, as soon as his eyes meet her, a coy smile starts to play upon his lips.

Erica knew that she has found her first-ever antagonist in life.

The End

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