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I smashed through the window, not willing to believe that the stranger in my room had been Elyse. She was long gone, and anyone who said otherwise was fucking insane. But if she wasn't Elyse who could she have been? I mean...nobody other then me and Ian know about the connection between the three of us. Unless it was just the police fucking with my mind. Or maybe i was going fucking insane.

When i morphed, not only did my strength increase, but i also had hyper sensitive senses. So when i heard a familiar yelling coming from a basement up on top of a old, broken down pulp mill that was so old the wooden part of the building was starting to decay.

Normally i would of just ignored screams like this, but it sounded so familiar that it was almost hypnotic. I turned myself towards the Pulp mill. It was coming from a basement in the living areas for live in staff. I landed down near the buildings and forced most of myself back to human, except for my claws, if combat was needed i was going to be ready.

I got inside, nobody was around and the place looked ancient, there were old black and white posters of old baseball players and movie stars. All of which were covered with a thick layer of dust. Hell, the only thing not covered in dust was the railing by the stairs.

I walked down the stairs, it was dark so i adjusted my eyes to demon form. My training before entering the arena had been very useful. I was able to see in the dark, change any part of my body without completely morphing, and i was able to fly better then a fighter jet. I looked around for a light switch, not that i needed it but it was a comfort, but there wasn't any. I walked to the door at the end of the stairs, i heard a knocking on the wall beside me. Like someone was punching the wall.

I wasn't sure if this was where i had heard the noise, or if whatever was on the other side of the wall was safe or not. Then i heard the yelling again. It was human with a demonic undertone. It could be one of those human half breeds, but i wasn't sure. Even if it was i could probably take it. I changed my hand to demonic then smashed through the wall.

And when i saw what was inside, my mind almost shattered from the inprobability.

Especially since the person inside the room...was Ian!

The End

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