Alex: Demonic tendancy'sMature

Every time i think I'm safe in this world, it throws more shit at me. I think I'm happy with a beautiful girl like Kathy? I thought i was going to get a new apartment, go on normal dates with her, get a job, maybe get married. But nope! I get thrown across the planet, oh well at least its not the first time. Lets hope THIS time i there's no explosion.

And just as I thought those words, i heard something smash in the building next to me. Suddenly a huge gaping hole was in the building, and standing in that hole was something that could only be called a demon. It was about the size of the average midget, like this girl i knew back home that everyone laughed at. His head looked like a human whose skin peeled away, but only half of it. The other half reminded me of a wolf. It had the normal human torso but on its shoulder was a round parasitic looking creature. The arm the parasite had latched on had turned tentacle like except the end was almost clawed.

I felt my heart pound as adrenaline swarmed through my brain. All of a sudden pain flashed through my head, as if something was getting ripped apart. I fell to the ground and clenched my head. My arms started turning black, and my fingers slowly turned into claws. My back felt like it was ripping apart and i felt something growing. I caught a glance at what was growing, they were two long almost bat like wings. I looked at the demon and grinned because i felt so much power flowing through me. I knew i could kill it

I stood up and flapped my wings. I felt tiny breezes catch under my wings. I looked up at the demon. It growled at me, its spit looked acidic. Not a problem, i could dodge that easily. I grinned at him, spread my arms apart and prepared my wings for flight.

“Bring it on, ugly`` I yelled, taunting the demon to get it nice and angry.

It snarled then jumped out the building. I chuckled, i was prepared for this. I jumped into the air and flapped my wings which helped me fly up into the air. I headed straight for him, my claws outstretched. People below me were screaming but i drowned it out. I couldn't let myself be distracted. I finally got to him then reached my claws out and dug into the arm that the parasite wasn't on. I gripped my claws into it and ripped it out. His blood which had turned yellowish colour streamed out.


It hissed at me, its acid spit caught onto one of my arms burning a hole in it. I howled and it sounded almost demonic. I didn't like this change, but it was useful. I grabbed the demons neck and threw it into the ground. It smashed a small hole in the concrete from the impact. I flew down, it was knocked out. Even though i knew it probably wasn't necessary i ripped its head off and threw it away.

I ripped the parasite off so i could study it. It had been gripping from its teeth that glinted with some sort of liquid. Must have been a toxin. Meaning the thing i had killed was probably a human this thing latched on to. Great they have head crabs now. Then all of a sudden i heard a clapping sound from behind me.

"Good job kid, you destroyed that nasty thing” Said a man from behind me.

He had a buisness suit on and a pair of sunglasses. I looked down at his shoes, they looked very expensive.

“What do you want?” I asked

“I think i want you to fight in my arena” Said the man

The End

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