Alex:Getting out of hereMature

The next few days were full of reviews, sitting in front of the therepist, speaking my heart out about all that had happened, but instead of saying i had teleported to some street in new york, i said that me and my friend on the wrong plane. That the demon lord was just some crime boss who had threatened my family. I also had to tell this story to the detectives that were still watching my every move, making sure i wasn't some serial killer. 

I got more freedom as the therapist saw more progress in me. It started with being allowed to eat with the rest of these nuts, then i was allowed in the rec room to watch t.v with the rest of them. And even though i knew they were insane, it felt great to watch 1000 ways to die with a bunch of people that were progressing  the same way i was. 

Then finally i was allowed to go out of this institute to go see movies and such. Seeing as i was one of the only people at this step, and obviously they couldn't let me go alone, i went with that pretty girl i had poured my heart and soul to back when i first got out of that padded cell. Turns out she was an assistant for the therapist. She was only about 17, and seeing as i had just turned 16 last week, we grew very close.

In the next few weeks i guess we had fallen in love. All those outings that the Asylum paid for. And of coarse they asked some questions about me and her, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize when two people loved each other, but they encouraged it. Said love was a perfectly normal thing, and that it would help me adjust. 

One night i heard a noise and woke up. It was her, unlocking the door. I looked at what i was wearing. Damn, the one night i decided to sleep in nothing but my boxers, and like every guy has experienced, my body had turned itself on during my sleep. I blushed insanely and covered up. 

"Kathy! What are you doing! Are you insane?" I said a little nervously. 

She grinned a almoast naughty grin and crawled into bed, and on top of me. She pressed her lips to mine. Her kiss was full of passion. Then she pulled away and smiled. 

"Alex, I was lying in bed...and i relized how much i needed to be with you." She said smiling "I love you"

I grinned brightly, it was the first time she had ever said those three little words to me, and trust me my heart was pounding in my chest. Then I looked into her beautiful green eyes and grinned back at her. I kissed her passionatly, then smiled and said.  

"I love you two" 

For the next few hours, we made passionate love. Every touch was like an explosion of tingles, and my heart didn't stop pounding in my chest until we were done. Then she had to leave quickly before the nurses came to wake us up. And i felt my eyes close.

The Next morning i woke up with a start. She wasn't there. Did i just dream it all? Oh what cruel god would let me have a dream as beautiful as that! Then i looked at my body and saw that i was still naked and a little sweaty. And i saw marks on me where she had kissed me. Oh thank god it had actually happened. 

When the nurse came to get me i was told to go to the Therpists office. He gave me a clean bill of health and then told me it was time for me to leave. I couldn't believe it. Months of effort finally proved purposeful. I left the asylum with a huge grin on my face.  When i left i suddenly felt a huge urge to find where they had buried Ian and Elyse. I blinked, then opened my eyes. 

And when i had opened my eyes, i wasn't outside of the Mayflower Institute for the Criminally Insane, i was in Londan England. 

Great, Now i don't even have to turn left to be teleported somewhere across the world...

The End

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