Alex: human interactionMature

After a few hours they figured out i was less insane then they thought, and put me into a solitary confinement room, taking off the straight jacket. It was sort of like the room i had back home...Small, a bed, a desk, a dresser. The walls were painted a cheery piss colored yellow. I felt a pain in my heart, remembering my old home did that often.

I never got to meet my mom. She passed away when i was young. I knew almoust nothing about her, not even her name. My dad had hated her with a grunge. Hell, had i not known she had passed away during the child birth, i would have suspected him of murdering her. Wouldn't put it past him, especially after coming to school some days bruised. I told my friends that it was just because of my karate classes, truth is i never took karate. Though maybe it would have helped me. 

Ian was the only guy who i told, because i knew i could trust him. And i fucking killed him. Tears started to well up in my eyes. And as i laid down in the bed i started crying. Salt water rushed into my mouth. I sobbed for quite a few minutes. I guess one of the camara's saw me crying, as a girl knocked on my door. She was wearing the same outfit as the rest of the nurses. She opened the door and walked in. 

I never did beleive in god, but when this girl walked in, i swore she was an angel. Her eyes wear a dazleing green, her hair was long brown and curly. The kind of girl i've always been attracted to. She smiled and sat at the end of my bed. 

"Whats the matter?" She asked in a kind voice. 

I looked down at my feet. I sighed and then replied in a quiet voice

"I think i killed my best friend..."

The End

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