Ian: Angel?Mature

"You're glowing." I remark worried,"And you shoulder is bleeding a bit.

Elyse looks down at herself.

"Oh." She says simply.

"You are going to have to tell me, what happened." I say fairly concerned.

"Well first I would like to find a way to carry this sword without having keeping it in my hands all the time."

"Where did you get that?" I ask paying more attention to seeing the Amethyst and Sapphires embedded along the hilt.

"She gave it to me."

"Who is She, and didn't she give you a sheath?" I ask, noticing people would normally be paying attention to a girl who was glowing and carrying a sword, but people walked by us normally which was very strange.

"Oh hey here its." Elyse says putting it around her shoulder putting the sword on her back, I didn't bother to ask where the sheath came from.

"So what happened?" Looking more closely at her.

"I was just walking around when I came across this pond that was fairly enchanting, and I wasn't paying attention, there was a demon there." I knew I shouldn't have let her go on her own," It attacked me but I was saved by this woman , who I can only describe as an angel she had the white wings, and everything. She said this name Keenen who I guess is the name of the demon prince, saying he is getting more powerful, then she blessed, and gave me this sword." She finished explaining i was left with more questions than answers.

"An angel?" I mutter, " So now I guess that your blessed does that mean you have abilities?  I think we should find a place to stay for a bit to figure this all out." I say Grabbing Elyse's hand feeling this new weird sensation like being lightly electrocuted and being drawn in, that made quickly jolt my hand away from hers.

"You okay?" Elyse's asks looking like she had felt the same sensation.

"Yeah its not like it hurt or anything, just.... weird." I say grabbing her hand this time feeling the weird sensation but sorta finding comfort in it.

The End

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