"Yeah, I'm good," Ireplied. "But, um, do yo mind if I walk around a bit? I mean, I'll be on the lookout, but I've never been to Europe..."

I could tell by Ian's expression that he absolutely did not like the idea of me being alone when there were demons lurking about, but I knew that somewhere in there he knew I could handle myself. He stepped towards me to give me one qick kiss, murmuring "be safe" against my lips.

What he should have said was be saved.

London was beautiful, all sprawling streets and bustling people. It reminded me a lot of New York, except the atmosphere there was very secluded, and here there seemed to be a feeling of definite comfort. Like maybe here was safe. Even though I knew that there was nowhere the humans could go to be saved now.

I stumbled across a small garden of sorts, filled with blossoming flowers and a gleaming, reflective pond. A tiny smile came across my lips. So enchanted was I that I didnt see the demon in the shadows until it had lept out and tackled me to the ground. Letting out a shriek, I let my reflexes take over as I tried to fight it off. The demon sunk it's teeth into my shoulder, tearing  a vicious amount of skin and cloth and lace.

Just when I thought I couldnt fight it off anymore, a pair of delicate hands reached down to grab the demon around the neck, lifting it right off of me. Throough my sudden fit of coughing, I sat up and took a long look at ther person. Long tresses of silver-blonde hair, skin that seemed to glow. And above all else, a pair of glorious white wings.

"Why dont you tell Keenen to quit while he's ahead?" My savior hissed. The demon only growled at her. She let out a hiss in return, muttering something in another language, and the demon burst into ash.

After that, she turned to look at me. "Elyse. You are in grave danger." She stepped towards me, extending a hand to help me to my feet. I could only stare up at her with wide eyes. "Keenen is growing ever stronger. I feel it...soon will be his moment of glory."

"The demon prince?" I asked with a frown. She nodded gravely.

"Do not underestimate your role in this quest," she went on. "The time has come for you to ascend to your potential."

I wanted to ask her what she was taking about, but a moment later I was encased in a sort of ethereal glow. I had the horrid feeling of falling, falling, but never crashing. Then suddenly it all stopped. "You have been blessed with a wonderful gift, Elyse. Use it wisely to assist the dark savior on his quest."

Dark savior? Blessed?

"Oh, and one more thing." The woman murmured another couple of words, making a small chest appear. She knelt down to open it, handing me what was inside. My mouth fell open at the sight of it, a long blade encrusted with amythest and sapphires. "The dark savior may have to save the world, but only this blade can slay Keenen. Now, I must go." In a flash of light, she disappeared.

Leaving the pond in a hurry, I rushed through the streets in search of Ian. I finally found him outside of a weapons shop, observing a gleaming shotgun. "How about this?" I asked him, holding up my sword. "Holy shit, do I have a story for you."

Ian looked at me, frowning sightly. "Are you feeling okay?" he asked me. I nodded, cocking my head to silently ask him why. "Because," he replied. "You're glowing.

The End

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