Alex: Waking upMature

I woke up with an incredible pain in my head. I think my head got extreamly bruised.  Ugh. What happened last night, i feel like i drank about a gallon of alchahol. I looked down at my body. Wait, what was going on!!! I was wearing a straight jacket! What the hell?  My sight flashed into focus. I was in a room with padded walls, a padded roof, and a padded floor.   I smashed into a wall, nothing happened. I turned around then smashed into another one..As i smashed into a wall my memory slowly started coming back. It was a little hazy...but i remembered.

  I had made a deal with The Demon prince, to save Elyse i'd have to kill Ian. He had smiled then grabbed my head. Then a huge light and i was bleeding ferociously from the stomach. He was still holding on to my head, but this time we were outside of a large sky scraper. He turned to me and the look in his eyes was pure evil and he had a smile on his face.

"I guess everything didn't go as planned..But you realized that didn't you boy. Either way, Ian is dead now. You did good. But you made a mistake, you killed both Ian and Elyse.  Whatever, they weren't any use to me anymore. And neither are you, but to make up for your good work i Think i'll let you live. Goodbye Alex, you've been a wonderful asset. I hope you enjoy your life" Explained the Demon. Then he placed me down on the ground and vanished. 

The next part was a bit of a haze. I remember swallowing my grief and turning it into rage. Running around the streets, blood dripping down my stomach which for some reason only bled for a few minutes before sealing over. But i didn't pay any attention to that. I was just so angry! 

I smashed random people into walls. I threw trash cans all around. I saw fear in the peoples eyes, some of them noticed that i was the terrorist boy that was even now still featured every night on the news. My body started pumping with adreniline. I felt a strange energy pulsate threw my body. I don't remember much, but i do remember ripping some old man's arm off. Then, all of a sudden some police officer came out of nowhere  and shot me in the head with a shotgun. I felt the wound heal a bit but it was still enough to stop my adreniline for a few minutes and knock me out.  

Thats when i woke up here. I looked at the door and looked across  the hall. A sign on the door across the hall said 

"Welcome To Mayflower Institute For the Criminally Insane"

The End

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