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A/N: This is the sequel to Sons of Chaos.


Elyse: Angels and Demons

Someone once said that change is ineviatable. While their words were true, I'd come to realize that some things just never changed. Hotels would always be lonely. The barrel of a gun would always feel colder than it should. The thought of love would always make hearts flutter. And I would always, always have a cigarette between my fingers.

Two weeks ago, I was a nothing. I was living a remotely peaceful life in the heart of Manhatten, contented to bury myself among books and candles, to live my life in a marijuana-induced haze. That was before I met them. The sons of chaos. The tragically shattered boys who had been bred in a wave of insanity. Since then, our journey has brought me across the country on a neverending joy ride of turmoil.

Now, I found myself at peace. My cigarette had never tasted so good. From the window of the motel room, I had a semi-decent view of the Pacific Ocean. It was beautiful, even if it ws tainted. Everything in the world was tainted in one way or another. Even us. Especially us.

Trembling fingers appeared to push back a strand of stray black hair behind my ear. "Morning," whispered a dangerously low voice beside me. Ian bent down to plant a kiss upon my cheek.

I only vaguely smiled back at him. "Hello, love," I returned the greeting. "Sleep okay?" Ian shrugged as he turned and walked away, towards the bathroom. I took a drag as I watched him go, watched him tug his shirt up over his head to reveal his bare, muscled chest. Ian was the only person keeping me sane through this nightmare. Even if the entire thing was because of him.

I adverted my gaze to the window once more, my thoughts straying in directions better left alone. Yes, Ian may have been the center of attention to more people than just me, but there was another missing link in the story. A second boy to complete the tale. I had yet to determine if it was a tragedy or not.

Where was he now, I wondered? And, wherever that was, did he miss us? Or had that too completely changed?

I shook my head, ashing right onto the carpet. The maids could kiss my ass.

A few minutes later, Ian returned, his hair damp from the shower. "All yours," he said with a grin. "Better hurry up, though. We've got a world to save."

The End

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