I set down the black and took up the orange. Shake, shake, shake.

I smiled at the familiar sound; it was like my personal lullaby, calming and comforting. A cold breeze picked up and I shivered.

When the sloshing evened out in the can I started to form an 'A'. It was sort of entwined inside the 'S'; Sever would be proud. Ok no, haha. It wasn't that good.

I didn't feel guilty anymore for hiding my facebook from my parents. I wasn't supposed to have one anymore, but nothing had happened lately; things were quiet. Life wasn't just good, like the tee shirt, it was great. All thanks to an awesome person, Sam, to whom I was chatting lazily on the subject of whether youth was happening or not. I was pulling for it was.

Alot had happened since that first time I went to my brother's youth. It started with that first time, then I gradually visited more and soon enough, it became my full-time youth group. And I was so glad it was, nothing could make me regret becoming a part of my new Christian family.

I called Lisa, our youth director. It was a short conversation and I was right. Yup, we were having it.

I told Sam on the chat; he rejoiced and reassured me he would be going. I smiled and typed in a smiley face so he could see. He sent me one back, and then a random penguin. I laughed out loud, shaking my head. Typical Sam and his randomness.

On another tab I had up, I saw I had just recieved a new email. I opened it immediately.

My eyebrows bunched together, what the heck? It was a phone number and a short sentence- Call me when you get this, Sarah.

Sarah! Ali's older sister (and twin). Ali's literally my first friend I ever had and we've kept in touch since I moved to Boone in fifth grade. I called the number.

"Hello?" A dull voice picked up. My brow furrowed again; it was definetly Sarah, but she usually sounded happier.

"Hey Sarah, it's Savanah, what's up?"

There was a short pause. "Alice is dead Savanah. She comitted suicide a week ago. She left a letter telling me to tell you and a couple others. Don't call or contact my family ever again. Bye." Sarah hung up the phone.

For a minute the dial tone was loud in my ear before I could make my hand work to turn off the phone and remember how to breathe.

When I did I was shaking and every sound was too loud in my ears. What just happened?

My vision flickered. I looked at the computer screen- Sam had sent me a message-u stil there? My hands shook as I typed a response.

-o god, i think im gonna die-

Sam quickly replied- ???? y?- I swallowed and cleared my throat.

-my first friend is dead- then- she comitted suicide-

(not finished =]) 

The End

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