dirty windowsMature

Everything affects you. Whether it's a comment or a random thing in your path, or something you saw on the news, it will all affect you in some way. And nothing can change that....

My head kept bumping up against the dirty window of mom's car, she hasn't washed it in months. I shivered at the thought and leaned my head instead against the headrest; much more comfortable.

My regular youth group at Boone United Methodist wasn't meeting tonight. So, with absolutely nothing to do, that gave me only one other option....my brother's youth group. I shivered again at the thought.

My brother and I are two, totally different people, whom used to be Irish twins. (for those of you who don't know, Irish twins are siblings who are born separately but are physically, not medically, look alikes) Our lives were spheres that never touched, so this was a pretty big leap in my school-girl of a mind.

As we neared the small church my mother wished me to have fun and informed me that Solomon (my brother) was picking me up. I said ok and stepped gingerly out into the solid pavenment.

You're being absurd, I thought. This is a youth group, you're an awesome person, there's nothing scary here!

I walked through the door and into the warmer air, but unfamiliar atmosphere. After standing awkwardly in the entrance I orbited toward Alex, a guy I knew pretty well from soccer.

We did alot of stuff that night and I had a great time even though I don't remember half of it. But of the half I do, one person I didn't know, a guy, stood out to me the most. His name was Sam I knew and he had left me alone. For some reason I couldn't get him out of my head, and the wonder started.....  

The End

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