Ghosts of Memories Past

The door was surprisingly easy to push open and it slid out of his hand as it swung inwards. The moonlight dashed across the floor of the mansion displaying old wooden floorboards to him and a lot of dust and fallen cobwebs.

Tom swallowed hard and looked up. The moon illuminated more than the floor, a large staircase leading to a dark second floor was the first thing he saw, it was wide enough to fit ten people across each step and the railing ended in two pillars as thick as tree trunks with large wooden lions expertly crafted into what Tom guessed was Chestnut or a darkly stained Oak.

On either side of the staircase led two hallways into which Tom could not see and finally two yawning arches opened into dark rooms on either side of his peripheral vision.

Tom considered calling out then instantly decided against it. A silly fear was creeping into him, a fear of ghosts and goblins and those things that might just go bump in the night after all.

Tom shook these thoughts from his head.

Get a hold of yourself for Christ sake Tom, he though, you're a grown man, what grown man is afraid of the boogeyman?

Still despite this most inspiring personal pep talk, Tom could not shake the feeling that he was being watched. And although it was just a feeling, he was in fact being watched, from the luxurious and overgrown gardens that sat kitty-corner to the old house. A pair of shining yellow eyes regarded him with interest and something else.

Tom, fully unaware of this invader of his privacy and possibly dangerous spectator decided that this house must have some form of communication in it. Despite the cobwebs it was in good shape and therefore during the day there is some type of caretaker that comes by and said caretaker would need a phone.

Without a second though Tom stepped through the dark chasm of the open doorway and decidedly moved to the room on the right to begin his investigation of the old house.

Deep inside the old building a presence stirred, a presence that had not been disturbed for many years.

The End

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