I waded my feet in the water, refreshing my mind slowly with all that had happened to me so far. I remembered the torture and the pain, and then back to my raft again. I remembered the fox and the moose; the beast that had appeared afterwards.

I could remember being nothing and then slowly becoming something again. I could remember nothing more.

It pieced together in my mind like a puzzle, but like the pieces of a puzzle that did not fit together. There were still pieces I needed to find in order to put these events together.

My mind slowly spun and I grabbed my head, as though it was physically spinning itself. It helped though, and I felt my mind center once more.

As I stared at the crystal surface of the water, a fish swam by slowly making its way upstream. It stopped in its journey and came back to investigate my toes; its yawning mouth tickling my senses.

I pulled my foot back and the fish darted away in fright; instantly forgetting its near-death experience and swimming upstream on its mysterious journey to unknown destinations once more.

Slipping my feet from the water I slowly stood up on the placid smooth stones and stared out over the plains. The grasses waved back and forth in the soft breeze that had ventured across the land. In the distance the storm still announced its presence with deep rumbles.

I suddenly had the strong deep sense that someone was watching me and I turned to spot the pervader.

The fox was there once more, watching me intently with calm cool eyes. Its pointed nose sniffed the air, taking him in. The whispers quivered, but the eyes never lost contact for a second.

The head bobbed up and down suddenly and its tail swished back and forth in agitation. Then, the small creature bounded away.

It frolicked along until it reached the top of a small hill and then it looked back over its shoulder at me. It waited, and I could tell it wanted me to follow.

It waited for a few minutes as I stood and stared at it. It then seemed to realize I had no interest in following this time and it bounded away, down the other side of the hill and out of site.

I watched the hill for a few minutes longer, remembering the beast; not wanting to become a feast to it. No terrible monster returned though, and I turned my back on the hill and looked down at the stream once more.

There was a shadow of a reflection in the water, and I looked up, startled. It was the obelisk, now jutting out of the ground on the opposite side of the stream.

Its presence was calming, and I felt at peace again; the fox forgotten.

I felt my eyes become heavy once more and I crossed the lazy stream towards the tall grey obelisk. It was my keeper, and I could feel safe under its watch. Somehow these thoughts entered my mind as I curled up under its stature and slowly drifted off to sleep again.

From across the stream and atop the hill, the fox reappeared, and watched me as I fell into a dreamless sleep, its eyes becoming bright in the darkening evening.

The End

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