Sahrai Saved Me

The nothingness was liberating, but also unsettling.  I was less than smoke.  Sahrai was the one thing that kept me from disappearing completely.   As long as I kept it in my mind, that meant I still had a mind to keep it in.  It didn't matter so much what it was, just that I remembered it. 

Sahrai was a perfect pearl in a sea of black nothingness.  I became the faint glow of light that surrounded it.  When I surrounded it, I took strength from it.  I became a milky white jellyfish drifting in an azure sea.  As I drew strength from Sahrai, my tentacles drifting in the warm currents began to propel me.  My tentacles slowly took the shape of fins, and appendages.  As my body evolved, so did my mind, and I remembered that the pearl of Sahrai at my center was really just a memory of Sahrai; the idea of it. 

With my returning memory, the final details of my body materialized as I was floating at the surface of the water.  The last thing I noticed was the tips of my toes.  They were lightly skimming over the texture of smooth pebbles.  I was back on my raft.  As I sat on a rock watching the sun in the west, I became aware that I was here before.  And that I was searching for something.

The End

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