The Fox Hole

    My eyes fluttered open, and I recognized the stormy sky, the thunder filled my ears, only a short distance away. The rain drops once more coated my face slightly.
    I sat up, confusion joining the rain drops on my face. The same wooden raft, still rocked gently as it floated down the thin stream.        Sahrai, my mind had wondered. I had come so close to remembering. What was the significance of this dreamscape. I closed my eyes, willing myself to return to stone wall. They flew open once more, and still the stormy skies greeted me.     
    I sat up once more and looked towards the sun. Again it sank low in the western horizon, the same mountains began to shade it. Was this land Sahrai, is that why I had come back?   
    I slipped my feet into the cool waters once more, feeling the rocky sub surface meet them not far below. The rocks were smooth on my bare skin, soft.   
    As I moved to the close shore, I found the same rock I had spent hours pondering on, the rains came heavily now and I dragged my raft on shore and once again sat on the rock, thinking hard of Sahrai, remembering the essence. My mind no longer pondered the previous place I had been in, the rock wall or chains. Those thoughts slowly erased as though they had never been.   
    Once again the rain subsided, and I realized that hours had passed. But I no longer remembered living this moment before. All I remembered was Sahrai.   
    I wondered about continuing my journey onwards down the stream, when I noticed again that the sun was rising once more. I found this strange, as I had forgotten the events that had passed before my eyes many hours ago. And again, I wondered the significance of this event.   
    As I stepped forward, I stopped. My foot mere inches from the rock I had slipped on before. My mind had said no wait. I couldn't comprehend why, it was as though I was having deja vu. I stepped over the rock and onto the grassy shores.   
    The grass was soft and ticklish against the soles of my feet. It felt comforting and warm, even after the harsh rains. I forgot my raft and decided to venture up the grassy knoll towards a tree I had spotted in the distance.   
    Suddenly as I had begun walking a small fox skittered across my path. It stopped and stared at me, it small black eyes taking me in slowly, its tail stopped in mid stride. The fox's essence oozed of Sahrai. I could feel it.   
    Before I knew it the fox yipped at me once, twice, and then sauntered away, up the hill towards the tree. For no reason other than pure curiosity I started to run after the fox. My body allowing me to take great leaps and strides as I followed the small beast. Was this Sahrai? My mind instantly told me no. So why was I following it than?   
    I couldn't remember, so I continued to chase it, until finally it reached the tree and ran down a small fox hole. I stopped to catch my breath, but found that I was breathing normally, my chest no longer heaving. I stared at the fox hole with curiosity. Then I looked back up at the tree overtop of it.
    It was then that I realized this wasn't a tree at all. It was a large steel obelisk. It was brown and green, a mix of vague colours, as though the tree had melted down into one bar.
    Perhaps this obelisk was Sahrai, but I couldn't remember, my mind had begun to shut down, I felt tired. I lay down several feet away from the fox hole under the obelisk, its shadow loomed over me as I fell asleep.

    I awoke with a start, it was dark, night. The stars gazed down on me from the dark sky. The obelisk was still my keeper, hanging over me with an air of protection.
    I wondered what had awoken me, and then I realized, the fox had once again come out of its hole. It stood on a few feet away staring at me, its eyes shinning in the night.
    I realized that the fox, although staring pointedly at me, could not see me. The obelisk must have made this happen. So I watched on in curiosity as the fox looked away down towards the shore.
    I saw the fit of its attraction, a large moose was wading through the waters, search the rocks for aquatic plants. The fox seemed immensely interested in this moose, and it yipped, but the moose took no notice.
    As I watched the moose plod on slowly, I hardly noticed that the fox had begun to change. It yipped again, but this time it was a deeper growl, and this stirred me to look back at the small beast. Although it was no longer small, it was growing, and tearing. The fur tore apart, leading way for glossy skin, that was wet with a substance I couldn't put my finger on.
    The fox fur tore away and was left on the ground in a heap as the beast before me, convulsed and its body pulsated until it was transformed into a foul looking monster.
    It roared into the night and then running on its knuckles, sped down the hill hitting the moose full on, before ripping it in half with two powerful arms. It fed on the moose, with great gushing sounds of flesh tearing, and organs begin sloppy eaten.
    Terror filled my mind, but Sahrai still persuaded me to watch on as the moose was nearly fully consumed. Finally though I tore my eyes away, and in horror realized that the protection of my obelisk was no longer there, it had once again transformed into a tree.
    I heard a howl into the night and realized the beast could now see me and was still hungry. My eyes shot to the fox hole, which seemed to have grown in size enough to take me but not the beast.
    With no second thoughts and Sahrai in my head I broke for the fox hole and crawled down inside. Deep down, into the earth. Outside I could hear the agitated growls and sniffs of the beast as it searched for me.
    As I crawled deeper though the ground suddenly fell away and I was falling deeper into the earth, slowly though, and I could watch as roots and worms, slowly floated by as I neared the bottom. Then there was darkness once more.

The End

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