safety pins and ribbons chapter

The bus pulled up to the modern cinder block building decorated with skinny looking tree's that were meant to make the parking lot of the school more attractive. Ella watched the bus's reflection turn the tinted glass yellow and waved at her own blurry reflection. She observed the popular girls flirt with the tall burly figures that made up the schools football team (not that they'd exactly won enough games to be a school pride) and the teachers stride up to the doors, freshly pressed clothing rippling in the light wind. The bus stopped and as she stepped of the bottom step onto the cold concrete curb she let out a sigh at the regularity of it all. How could these people stand it?

As a particularly prissy looking girl bounced over to her she wondered what the heck the girl was going to do (ella being somewhat of an obscurity within the school social network, not that she cared).  She stopped in front of Ella and said in a perky voice "Hi! I'm Carly! The cheerleading squad is holding tryouts on wednesday after school! You should come, it's soooo much fun! It's really the most amazing thing that you could ever do in highschool! See you there!". After this series of statements she handed a violently pink flyer to a very bemused Ella and bounced away. Dyed blond ponytail swinging and leaving behind a heavy haze of candy scented perfume and a cloud of eye shimmer. 

 Ella just laughed.

The End

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