safety pins and ribbons chapter 3

As she untangled the sheets from her feverish body, Ella began to cry. Except that she couldn't, she felt herself sob but no tears came no matter how much she wished for them. Screaming internally she began tearing apart the small drawer in her bed side table, searching. Finally, she found the item that could replace her tears- a small seemingly insignificant plastic pencil sharpener.  Without a sound she took a paperclip from the drawer and loosened the screw that held the metal blade in place.Pulling up the hem of her dark blue top quick as a flash a new slash of scarlet joined the others that peppered her torso. A quick gasp escaped her shaking lips as the blood began to flow from the wound and she began to realize that she'd done it again. Tears boiled behind her panicked eyes but still betrayed her and did not come. Ella picked up a tissue from next to her and pressed it against the cut. She felt the warmth of the blood and saw the dark scarlet stain spread across the cloth. When she removed it, the scarlet liquid soaked into it was cold and sinister to her. Upon disposing of the cloth tissue back into the drawer she noted the time and prepared for her first day of school.

The End

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