safety pins and ribbons

Ella is trapped. Trapped by something that seems impossible to break free from. Can she find the key to unlocking her freedom before it's too late?

Ella woke up to the sound of rain beating against the dying leaves of the tree outside of her window and a sharp pain in her chest. This wasn't the first time this had happened, the pinching pain in her chest was almost to be expected now, a simple side effect of the anxiety she constantly felt. In her shivering arms she clutched a cloth doll, frayed and misshapen from being so forcefully clung to on nights like this. She breathed deeply and let out a long sigh, starring at the dolls button eyes, wondering why things had turned out this way. All it had taken was a simple decision to start it all, a simple decision made in a split second. A simple decision to change her life. One simple decision.

The End

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