Safety or Living.

Follow your heart or stay where you know is safe? Follow your dreams and fantasies or stay where you know you'll never be hurt?

Ana McIndoe began her day like any other, bottle for her little boy Max, toast for Lina then smoke and coffee outside as her kids sat quietly watching cartoons. Peace didn't last for long. 10 minutes later her partner Rick had arrived home from work and the kids were hovering around under his feet. Max began tipping his bottle out on Lina's feet, Lina was yelling at him then shoved him hard for being naughty, Rick was yelling at Lina for being mean to her little brother at the same time as trying to fire off instructions at Ana about the days work and Max was crying from all the yelling.

Peace. It didn't last long in Ana's house. This was her life, trying to maintain peace in her household, ferrying around her kids to all sorts of events and activities, running the sharemilking business with her partner and trying to find time for herself, to finish her studies or even just go to the gym.

This was her life now, and she wasnt about to disrupt it for anything. Because it was safe. It was comfortable. She had stability. Ana was 21. She was beginning to think it was a little too comfortable.

The End

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