Safe With Me

Racing reds and yellows lights flashed as they drove home. He was driving his best friend home. John looked into her eyes and for the first time he saw a frighten woman. All that kept running through his mind was if he came in one second late..

In the car, he didn't know how to treat Denise. She was just in shock. John had so much sorrow and remorse in his eyes while she had fear struck in her heart. John looked over at Denise and saw that she was silently crying. He felt powerless because he couldn’t help her. John placed his hand on her hand. She turned and lipped thank you. Once again they sat in silence. Denise fell asleep while John drove home.

At John's house, Denise went to the bathroom to get change. He lit the fireplace, and made some soup. He went into his room and got some blankets and clothes for her to switch into. The room was starting to get nice and toasty. John put a blanket in front of the fireplace. He lit the scent candles around the room and turned the radio on to an R&B station, Aaliyah’s I care for you” was playing. Denise walked down the steps from the bathroom and saw John running around trying to make everything perfect. A smile crept on her face.

“John, what are you doing?” She said sweetly.
“I’m trying to make you feel comfortable. Your safe, remember that!”he said.
They both sat in front of the fireplace.
“John, will you hold me?” said Denise.
Denise curled up into John arms. She could feel the tightness of his arms around her, smothering her with his love. They sat there eating creamy soup,& admiring the sparks in the fire. They both just sat in front of the beautiful lit fireplace, listening to the radio. One of Denise’s favorite song came on and made her dance on her feet. They both started dancing, until John tripped & brought Denise down with him. He fell on top of her and they looked into each other’s eyes and begin to kiss and he touched her like the guy before him did. “Ahh! Get off of me!” she said.

“Its okay.” said John

“Its not okay! I know your trying to be helpful but its not helping. I'm too afraid to be by myself, I need my best friend right now, not sex, Reality check, I was almost rape John! If you didn't come in...” she scream as started to break down in tears.

“Don't say it Denise...” he said, as he held her in his arms.

They both started talking until they both fell asleep. During the middle of the night, Denise started kicking and screaming in her sleep. John self consciously hug her while she was sleep and he settled her without even knowing.

“Denise, your safe with me. I will protect you” -John

The End

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