Safe is just a word

There is no way to describe this, it's not a true story but it is a realistic story. Anna Grayhood's life had never been easy, things went from bad to worse ever since that day when she was nine years old

My life consists of endless disaster, if my familly isn't being pulled apart from all sides, someone always manages to make me cry. My familly is average, I have 2 sisters and one big brother. In age order my sister Darcy 22 currently working in france, My brother Stephen aged 19 is unemployed and living with friends.Next is my other sister Helena, she's 17, engaged and living with foster parents. Which leaves me, Anna Grayhood aged 14 living wih my five times divorced mother in a cramped, filthy 2 bedroom flat. My mother was always out 'working' until late so i pretty much lived on my own. Cool? ha! If you saw where I lived you'd think a gutter was a mansion. It's dark, it's cold and it's wet, suppose the feelings mutual.

     My father died a little while ago. He had MS, but thats not what killed him, he had a heart attack caused by too much stress. I blamed myself, I could have helped him, he could still be alive if I hadn't insisted on going out. I was at my friends that afternoon. I had the time of my life, laughing, gossiping and just having fun. I walked home and pressed the buzzer twice. I figured he was in the toilet so I used the spare key used for emergencies only and let myself in. I threw my bag to the floor "dad!" I had called "I'm home!" I walked into the living room and saw my father reclined in his wheel chair. I walked over to wake him up. He was cold, I checked to see f he was breathing, nothing. Checked the pulse...nothing. I grabbed the phone and dialed 999 asking for an ambulance, after that I was on the floor, crying. I had feinted. According to the police an intruder had made him panic, someone was in the house, came down and scared him stiff. I wasn't one to swear, thought if I did I'd be sent to hell......if thats true I have a VIP spot reserved. I cursed, I yelled and I screamed. I wouldn't rest until that man was found. Five years late and they still hadn't found the killer. I still wake up screaming, my dad was coming to get me. The intruder was coming to get me. Nowhere was safe. I'm 14 years old and already wishing for death. A nine year old girl finds her father dead and from then on nothing is the same and nowhere would ever be safe until that intruder was caught. As much as I wished for death I wished more for the bastard who killed my father to be killed....slowly, letting the guilt consume him.

The End

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