I quickly pulled my sPhones out while scanning the crowd. No one looked suspicious but you never know. 

I called Maxx "We have reached the destination"

That was what we agreed to say when we first called each other, not something stupid like "The bird has left the nest" like they seem to do in the movies.

"Great, any problems yet" she murmured

“Nope, but there weren’t any problems at MacDonald’s either” I said bluntly

“Whatever, where are you. Should I come to you or should we meet up where we planned to meet?” She asked

“You come to me. We can hang here until they are done with Kaycee” I said

I looked around to see where I was

“Emergency room near the girl’s restroom on the first floor”


She was by side within minutes.


“That was fast” I raised my eyebrows

“I wasn’t that far away” she grinned for a second but it was gone as fast as the last one.”



“Do you think she will be okay?” she asked

After a few seconds I said “I don’t know, all we can do is hope for the best”


She nodded “I’ll stay here you go find all possible exits and just scout the perimeter of this area of the hospital.


I nod back “I’ll meet here in five minutes if not contact me through our sPhones.


I walked off in the other direction and found all the doors that lead out. Then I looked at windows wondering if they were double-paned so then we could crash through them if necessary. When I was sure that I had found all the exits, I bought a coffee from one of those coffee vending machines and sat down, watching every man, woman, and child looking for the tiniest sign that they were evil. I looked down at my phone. I had one minute to get back to the emergency room. I bought another coffee for Maxx and walked back to the room.


I handed her the hot drink and sipped mine.

“Hey, so did you find all exits?” she asked

I nodded and proceeded to tell them all to her

“Great” she replied “No news from Kaycee yet”

I stared glumly at the wall “I hope she survives”

“Me too” she says solemnly


Just than a doctor in a long white coat walks into the room and says “Who brought,” he looked at his clipboard “Kaycee Bakan?”

Maxx and I stand “We did” she says

He looks at us grimly “Please follow me”

The End

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