Two men quickly put her on a stretcher and took her onto the ambulance. I climbed in after her and sat down.  They quickly removed the gauze on her wound and bent over it.

One of them looked at me. He studied me for a second then asked

“Who are you?

“I’m her friend” I said carefully.

“Hmm, how did this happen?” He asked suspiciously

“Uh, there was a shooting in at the McDonalds we were eating at.”

“Oh you mean the one that happened YESTERDAY?” He said with narrowed eyes

“That’s the one” I said

Before he could say anything else we arrived at the hospital.

We quickly climbed out of the ambulance and ran towards the hospital. I stopped in front of the swinging glass doors. We would either walk out alive unharmed or we would be running out pursued by who know what and I had a feeling it wan't the first one because I'm funny that way. I took a deep breath and felt my fingers grasped the cold metal

The End

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