The hospital

Maxx and I decided to strategize. We needed it get back to SAYF headquarters down in New York. But before that we needed to get some serious medical attention to Kaycee. We didn’t know which hospitals we could trust. Odds were they would be expecting us at the nearby hospitals and we couldn’t risk taking Kaycee to a farther one. We took out our sPhones which were little devices that looked like iPhones and worked a lot like one but her were more high tech. They couldn’t be tracked and had many more features. Any way, we pulled up maps and looked at nearby hospitals. One was just a couple miles away but we weren’t sure how to get her there. Maxx suggested that we rent a car or something under a fake name. I shook my head. Even if we could get away with it, two 13 year old girls can’t drive without being noticed.

“I think we are going to have to call an ambulance.” I said looking at her solemnly

“I don’t know Charlotte. Wouldn’t that be too conspicuous?” She asked

“Maybe they won’t attack because hospitals are usually very crowded.” I said uncertainly

“Well they attacked us at broad daylight at MacDonald’s.”

I bit my lip. “I think it’s a risk we’re going to have to take

She looked at Kaycee for a moment. “I think you’re right.”


We had all the plans ready. We would call the ambulance from our sPhones. I would ride with Kaycee while Maxx would go ahead to the hospital to make sure everything was safe. We quickly left for where we decided to make the call from. We choose the stop sign across the street from the MacDonald’s where the unfortunate incident happened. We took our spot there and had Kaycee stand up. Maxx left within minutes so she could get to the hospital early. I quickly called the hospital and within minutes I could hear the blare of the sirens.

The End

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