I quickly climbed to the top of a building and used my binoculars to look down onto the parking lot. I could see that someone was laying there but a tree blocked my view. The other 4 men were gone. After doing a quick search I descended down to the parking lot. The man was on his side and… gross his arm was blown off. I stopped; the P-9 couldn’t do that to a human. Sure it was fatal but the human flesh did rip so easily. I quickly armed myself and ran over there. The man wasn’t a man, it was a robot. I thought robots were only evil in movies and books. Oh well, I guess I was wrong. I quickly searched Robot in Black or RIB as I’ve decided to call him and his buddies. I found nothing but I grabbed his sunglasses to study. There was something not right about it. On my way back I bought some can soup, the whole while looking around me for more RIBs. I quickly ducked into our alley. I found Kaycee all wrapped up but she didn’t look so good.


I turned to Maxx “We need shelter”

She nodded “There is a shack a couple yards back, we can check if it’s empty.”

“Sounds good to me but, one of us needs to stay back here with Kaycee until its ready”

“I’ll go, you just went”

I nodded and handed her our pack.


I looked at Kaycee. I couldn’t imagine losing her; she was one of my best friends. The stupid RIBs were going to pay. I shuffled through our packs. We had the cans I just bought, about 500 dollars and a couple of keepsakes we all ways carried around with us. I pulled out a little album full of pictures. Many of them included Kaycee. I heard the footsteps of Maxx. We learned to be sharp and recognize every possible approach of each other.


“Hey, is it good?”

She nodded “There’s a bunk bed in there. I couldn’t find any cameras or such so the place should be safe.”

I glanced at Kaycee “Good because we need to get her there now. Don’t we have like a hammock or something we could carry her with?”


She quickly checked her pack

“Bingo, we have some sheets”

“Why do we have sheets?”

“Beats me” A grin flashed across her face but then went away as quickly as it appeared.


We pulled her as gently as possible onto it and carried her to the shack. It was small and musty but it would do. We laid her down on the lower bunk and pulled away the cloth around her wound. It wasn’t looking so good but Kaycee was still alive. I wrapped new gauze around it tightly. Maxx was to the side doing an inventory check. I climbed to the top bunk and pulled out the sunglasses. On the right side was small button. You could barely see it but I could feel it. I pressed it and saw the insides light up. I put them on to see the screen better. It was many numbers and letters that were unintelligible. I figured it was code that only the robots could understand. After a few more minutes of studying I put them away with a sigh.


Suddenly I heard Maxx whisper “Char, I think she is waking up”

I quickly climbed down from my bunk and we both crowded around her. 

The End

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