upside down

A gun shot blasted in our ears followed by a shrill scream. A young woman near the door fell to the floor. 5 men in black sunglasses stood behind her. All of them held a gun. Maxx and I quickly hid behind the booth.

“You create a diversion so we can escape, I’ll get Kaycee” I said in a hushed whisper

She nodded curtly and started pulling out various devices. I found Kaycee behind the cash register.


“C’mon Kay we got to get out of here.”

“Are you crazy? They’ll kill us like they did to that woman!” She stared at me wide eyed

“Relax, Maxx will distract them”


Right on cue I heard a beep and soon the room started to fill with smoke. I grabbed Kaycee and ran for the door. We bolted out the swinging doors soon followed by Maxx. The smoke was starting to clear and those men were going to come out soon. Maxx and I kicked of our flip flops and ran like there was no tomorrow. I looked back and saw Kaycee slowing down.


“What are you doing? Run!” I screamed at her

She looked around confused “What’s going on Charlotte?”


Just then the men burst through the door. One of them pointed at us and another pointed his gun.


“Hit the ground, I’ll throw the P-9” Maxx yelled

A gun shot followed by a scream pierced the air. I looked up franticly to see the P-9 burst. It was a small bomb like object that could kill people or knock them out for a while. I crawled towards Kaycee and quickly pulled her away. Maxx lifted her and we quickly ducked into the shelter of a small alley in between two buildings.


I nodded at Maxx “Get the first aid out. I’ll go check on those men”

She looked at me “Are you sure you can go alone. You’ll be out in full view.”

“I’ll take my chances”

She nodded and pulled away the cloth from the wound. She got hit to the right of her stomach and it was bleeding badly. Maxx started trying to stop the blood in hope to save our best friend. I quickly picked up our bag of supplies and ran out of the alley.

The End

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