Safe and sound

Two girls Charlotte and Maxx are spies for SAYF. One day their best friend is killed and it's up to them to avenge her murder and get to the bottom of it.

            I closed my eyes and lay under the sun. It was a hot July day and my two friends Kaycee and Maxx and I were laying on the beach sand drinking in the Vitamin D. I’m Charlotte, my life is kind of crazy and whenever I get a break like this I grab on and hold tight. Maxx and I have a secret. We are both spies for the Secret Association of Youth Fighters or SAYF. She is strong, smart, and sporty while I’m quick, agile and intelligent. We make a good team thus making us the top agents and are always away on missions. We finally got a break and so here we are on the beaches of Florida!


Kaycee looked at me “Hey you want to get some food”

“Sure what are you in the mood for?”

“Maybe MacDonald’s, its fast”

Maxx grimaced “Ugh, McDonalds, that’s gross. How do you guys eat that stuff? Lets go to somewhere nice. A real restaurant”

Kaycee frowned "No they take FOREVER to take orders and stuff I 'm starved!"

Maxx groaned "We are going to get fat!" 

“Oh relax” I grinned, “One day isn’t going to make us obese”

She rolled her eyes but got up any way


While Kaycee was ordering Maxx pulled me aside. “Don’t you think it’s weird we got a whole week of and that we haven’t been bothered once?”

“Oh chill out would you? It’s our week of” I laughed


Just then I was proven wrong.

The End

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