Safe and SoundMature



The women watched her tiny daughter sit on the steps of the building. The orphanage, but she didn't dare tell her. Even if she was just a year old, the girl was smart. But her eyes, black as coal, where almost deadly. That's why she was leaving her.

"Elisa, do you know what kind of child this is?" Elisa's mother yelled just twelve months prior, "Hell's. Get rid of it!"

"But, Mother, she's-"

"Or, it's a girl? Great! Lets get some pink balloons that say, "WELCOME HOME PRETTY GIRL! OH WAIT< YOU LIVE IN HELL." Elisa looked at her Mother, a business women, who was very powerful. Almost too powerful.

"Mother, I'll leave, change my name, just let me keep her-"

"Twelve months." said her Mother.

She kissed the babes tiny black curls, straighten her neat white dress, and patted her small pale hand.

"Mamma loves you." Elisa said, and left her baby for good.

The End

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