So it went on for two months. Every day the girls would go out to their University that was only a short drive away, or go to their work, I'd stay in and sort out the flat, they would come home and we would either go out and about Glasgow, or stay in. Occasionally we would go out with the girls' boyfriends. I was the only one without a boyfriend, having had loads but I drifted away from boys once my dad had died. But we all would have a great time together. I needed to get a job and a place in a college or University somewhere, and preferably a boyfriend! But right now, I was happy. 

So on one morning, everything was going normally. The girls were out at University, and I was baking a cake. I love cooking, though I only actually eat the healthy low-carbs stuff. I still like to keep my figure! So this particular cake was for the rest of the girls, because we had agreed to a night in. I was thinking about Mum. I wondered if she's ok. I mean, she probably won't have even noticed that I was gone. I thought about each night how she would look for me... I shuddered. Maybe not. 

The doorbell rang. Looking at the clock, I knew it was too early for it to be any of the girls, who would let themselves in anyway. Dusting some icing sugar off my hands, I went to answer the door. It was an old lady. 

"Hello, my deary, " she croaked. I stared at the woman in curiosity. She was dressed completely in black, and her skin was wrinkly. I've always been told to ignore strangers, especially when they come to the door, but there was something oddly different about this old lady. Almost familiar. "How are you, my sweet?"

"I'm fine thanks," I replied, still puzzled. Those blue eyes, sapphire blue with exactly three, perfect black streaks through them, were peering into mine. Where had I seen those before?

"Good, good," the woman said, "Perhaps you would like one of my cakes?" She held out a basket of little muffins, chocolate oozing out of them. My mouth watered. I've always had a weak spot for chocolate. "Go on," she said, pressing one into my hand, "Since you're such a pretty little girl, you can have one for free!"

I stared at it. I really wanted it. But I couldn't. As part of my diet, I'm only allowed chocolate on very, very special occasions. Anyway, I can't just randomly take things off of strangers! 

But those bizarrely familiar blue eyes...

And I wasn't a model any more...

I bit into it. The lady's eyes gleamed. Warm, melted chocolate slid down my throat. It was amazing. Then, as I was chewing, I bit something hard. It tasted weird, out of place in the soft muffin. I swallowed. Then several things happened at once.

For one, fleeting second, I felt as if I was on top of the world. An adrenaline rush and I felt like I was floating. Like I would never be upset again. It was a wonderful feeling. I smiled to myself drowsily.

Then it felt like I had hit something hard. I swayed.

The old lady cackled harshly, and stared at me with those peircing blue eyes. 

I realised, at that moment where I knew those eyes from. They were mine. And the only other person in the world with those eyes was...

"Mum," I croaked, dizzily. She laughed and walked away. The world swam before me, and I fell into darkness.



The End

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