The Seven Girls


"SADIE!" Two girls burst through into the room.

"OMG! You haven't been here in ages!" cried Victoria, or Vicky as she likes to be known as. I laughed at her excitment, and she beamed back at me, shaking her bobbed brown hair aside from her face. The other girl smiled at me shyly, and held out a mug of steaming coffee. Poppy is a very quiet young lady, always hiding behind her curtain long black hair , but she's a really good friend. Vicky and Poppy are inseparable, which at first seems a little weird because of their contrast in characters, but is actually perfect. 

I gratefully took the hot mug with both hands, and listened in to Vicky's chatter, with Poppy getting a word in occasionally. Jennie dashed in and out of the room, cleaning up and sorting things out. She's like the mother of the flat! Soon we heard the front door open, and in came another two girls, Jasmine and Charlotte.

"Hi Sadie!" they called, taking off their jackets. "Long time no see!"

"Hey Jaz, hey Charlie!" I called back. "Where have you been?"

The girls came through to the living room and dived onto a sofa. "Just been up in Edinburgh for the day," said Jaz, yawning "Getting some clothes and stuff!" 

I suppressed a giggle. Jaz is always up late, so she is always very tired! But even her baggy eyes don't match Charlotte's black make up. She is a goth; black eyes, black hair, black clothes, black lips... You get the picture. Charlie comes across as very grumpy and moody, but she can be lovely! She smiled a rare smile at me from across the room. 

I heard a key fumbling about in the lock, then an exasperated voice, and the door swung open. Leah walked in, stopped, sneezed, then came straight into the living room, talking to Bellatrix, closely followed by Bellatrix, who was giggling.

"... right, Bella, right! You turn the key right to open the door! Why can't you get that? And also, please try not to lose your train ticket again, especially not on front of everyone in the whole of Queen Street Station! And... oh hi Sadie! Didn't expect you to be..." Leah errupted into an enormous sneeze then sat down and grinned. Leah is forever sneezing. It's quite funny! She and daft old Bella, who is hilariously forgetful, make a right funny pair. But for all their bickering, they're best friends. 

Just then, Jennie bustled in and sat down. "Right, that's your bed all sorted! I've unpacked your bag as well. Seriously Sadie, you had crammed so much stuff in that one bag it looks like you're staying for a month!"

I looked down at the floor and twiddled my fingers. All the girls stared at me in curiousity. I sighed.

"Well, that's actually what I need to talk to you guys about. But can it wait? I'm exhausted. I'll tell you all in the morning?"

"Sure," Jennie said, "Come on girls, let's get to bed. Sadie needs her beauty sleep!"

The End

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