"What's an Empimel?" Sara asked, voicing my fearful questions.

   "An Empimel is a horrible creature you do not wish to stick around and wait for. They are very dangerous, worse than Sfifts," Marie answered, catching my eyes in her last words.

   "What do they look like?" Sabrina asked, sounding merely curious.

   "They have no definite shape, which is part of what makes them so terrifying. To some, they may look like a harmless feline; others, they may be just pure blackness. But no matter the shape, the one thing they can never change is their eyes. Their eyes will always be a glowing, terrible blood red. I've encountered one but once. It was very young, and alone. Had it been in the usual pack, I would not be here this moment. They are not to be trifled with, ever. If you see one, your best chance of survival is to run like you've never ran before.



The End

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